Sabbatical (Long-Term Leave, Paid)

Sabbatical (Long-Term Leave, Paid)

2025 Deadline for submission:

Tuesday, January 28th, 2025 

Sabbaticals are competitive grants that allow contracted faculty members at Lane time to explore a focused topic or project. Faculty can apply for one or more terms of leave. If circumstances warrant it and funds are available, faculty may be awarded two or three terms of leave; however, awards of more than one term are rare and will only be distributed after other eligible applicants are distributed a one-term award. While most awardees elect to take a one-term leave, awardees are now able to distribute their award over more than one term. 

Model applications are available online. Mentors from the Sabbatical Committee are also available to help you write your application. Please contact Brooke Taylor at for more information.

Deadline for submission: Tuesday, January 28th at 11:59 PM.

Application Forms and Information

Applicants are expected to connect their projects to Lane's Core Values.

Restrictions on Sabbaticals

  1. A paid sabbatical is not intended to be used for the writing or production of materials for classroom use (curriculum development). We realize that research/projects may result in the need for curriculum development. Curriculum development funds are usually accessed through the department planning process.
  2. A paid sabbatical cannot be for personal business interests outside of college employment.
  3. A paid sabbatical should not be used for immediate, direct, or indirect financial gain.
  4. No staff person on leave shall receive a combined income (development leave award plus possible outside income) amounting to more than 100% of their contracted salary. (Tuition, fee grants, and scholarships shall not be considered additional salary.)
  5. No staff person on leave will teach or attend meetings at LCC during the paid sabbatical unless sabbatical is spread out over more than one term.

Paid Sabbatical Guidelines

  1. Employees must be contracted faculty members.
  2. Employees with 2 years of service are eligible to apply for 1 term of leave; 4 years of service may apply for 2 terms of leave, and employees with 6 years of service may apply for 3 terms of leave.
  3. Leave award is calculated on present contracted salary, not on projected or scheduled overloads above contracted salary level. An employee who takes one term of leave receives full salary for the year. An employee who takes 2 terms of leave receives 87% of annual salary for the two terms of leave and the normal salary for the third term. An employee who takes 3 terms of leave receives 75 % of annual salary for the year. Example: an employee who normally grosses $60,000 per year and who takes 2 terms of leave will receive a gross of approximately $54,800 (.87 * 20k, + .87 * 20k, + 1.00 * 20k).
  4. A paid sabbatical is designed for projects and activities which the employee cannot accomplish during contracted time.
  5. A paid sabbatical generally means an off-campus experience.
  6. The person granted a paid sabbatical will provide an oral and written presentation of the leave activities. The written report shall be submitted in electronic form (Word document or PDF) no later than the date of Fall In-service when the oral report is given. The oral report will be scheduled as appropriate (usually during Fall Inservice.) Additional guidelines for the reports are listed on the application. In order to be eligible for a second or third award, a faculty member must have a written report on record for all previous paid sabbatical leaves.
  7. The recipient of a leave must return to LCC for a minimum of one term per term of leave taken.
  8. If the goals, objectives, and activities of the leave are altered, prior approval of amended plans must be obtained from the committee by contacting the FPD Coordinator at or
  9. If the recipient does not return to LCC, or does not complete leave as approved, in accordance with #7 above, he/she must repay to the college the portion approved, plus actual OPE.

Procedures for Obtaining and Filing Application Form

  1. Download the application form above.
  2. Complete your application. Criteria are listed on the application form and rubric. A completed application must:
    1. Be typed or neatly printed and scanned as an electronic file,
    2. Have all appropriate signatures,
    3. Answer all application questions in detail, and
    4. Include supporting documentation, including acceptance letters, school schedules, etc., where appropriate.
  3. Submit the application as indicated above to
  4. The application deadline for next year will be determined at a later date.
  5. Please refer to Collective Bargaining Agreement if more than one application for the same term is submitted from a department.

Appeal Process

  1. There is an appeals process available for you if you want to pursue it. Please contact the Executive Board of LCCEA.