Academic Colloquia

Academic Colloquia

This program is on hiatus.

Academic Colloquia Proposal Form

Program goals include:

  1. Provide an open forum for presentations of academic or artistic merit on a variety of topics,
  2. Provide opportunities for meaningful interaction and communication among College community members,
  3. Provide time for faculty and staff to connect with each other,
  4. Highlight academic and artistic excellence, pertaining to academic or professional life at Lane, and
  5. Contribute to the academic and professional life of the College.

As an institution of higher education we seek to uphold the values of Academic Freedom and Lane's Core Values. Articles 15 and 16 of the faculty contract outline professional and personal rights as follows:

"15.2 Academic Freedom. Each faculty member is entitled to and responsible for protecting freedom in the classroom in discussion and presentation of the subject matter."

"15.3 Additional Rights. The professional freedom of faculty includes the right to explore and discuss controversial issues and divergent points of view including evaluating, criticizing, and advocating their point of view concerning the policies and programs of the college ..."

"16.3 Civic Life. Each faculty member is also a citizen of his or her nation, state and community; and when he or she speaks, writes or acts as such shall be free from institutional censorship."

Application Procedure:

To apply, please complete an application form and email it to the Faculty Professional Development Coordinator, Brooke Taylor.

All proposals will be peer reviewed prior to acceptance. Committee members are listed on the FPD website.

Applicants will be notified upon acceptance and will be awarded an honorarium after the presentation. Honoraria will be $300 for an hour presentation and $150 for a half hour presentation including a brief time for questions and answers. If there are multiple presenters, honoraria will be divided among them.

The Academic Colloquia will be scheduled throughout the academic year. Applications will be accepted from September through May.

Criteria for Selection:

Accepted proposals will:

  • Be of significant academic or artistic merit;
  • Be of broad, general interest, and those limited to a specific discipline should be made relevant to a general audience;
  • Be supported by research, literature, and/or experience;
  • Be related to the academic and/or professional life at Lane; and
  • Engage participants and promote critical thinking through formal presentation and dialogue.

Note: Presentations should promote interaction, connections, and communication among College community members. In addition, throughout each year presentations should cover a wide variety of topics.

View a list of scheduled Academic Colloquia.