Mission Statement

Mission and Vision For Faculty Professional Development

Faculty Professional Development provides means for faculty to:

  1. Accommodate changes in disciplines, technology, pedagogy and expectations of students, faculty, and the community.
  2. Contribute to their profession
  3. Collaborate with other faculty and the community
  4. Increase their capacity to professionally grow and teach

What FPD Means to Lane Community College

  • allows for faculty to accommodate change
  • increases your knowledge base in your discipline or outside your discipline
  • learning keeps current with technology
  • expanding cultural knowledge competence
  • staying up to date with newest/cutting edge information
  • align ourselves with most recent knowledge
  • make contributions to our profession
  • contributions that offer something unique to the field
  • adds value to knowledge and contribution to the field
  • maintains core competencies
  • prepares faculty for change
  • personal enrichment
  • enhancing ability to be good teachers
  • opportunity to take a break/get out of environment/meet others in the field
  • put yourself in a place that allows for personal and professional growth
  • building relationships with the community (business and local industry) to enhance real life experience for students
  • an experience that one shares with other faculty (its not only just personal)

Note: possible next step: pull keywords from definitions (e.g. innovate, training, etc.) define those and use as guidelines against which to measure professional development.

Long-Term Vision

Faculty Professional Development at LCC will look like: (each item listed below is a statement of faculty expectations in regard to the Faculty Professional Development program at LCC)

  1. Everyone is informed about what is available.
  2. Professional development is an entitlement.
  3. Professional development will be centralized (one stop shop).
  4. There will be enough money and time to do professional development.
  5. Professional development will be a collective responsibility and all faculty will share in its benefits.
  6. Professional activities will support all aspects of our students' lives.
  7. Part-time faculty will have access to professional development.