Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)

Faculty Professional Development supports SoTL through Faculty Inquiry Groups. 

What is SoTL? -- A term-long series of seminars discussions and study to consider:

  • Principles and examples of good practice in SoTL
  • Meaning of SoTL in terms of transforming student learning, faculty collaboration, teaching, and the community college mission
  • Steps by participants in defining individual, discipline, inter-disciplinary, and cross-disciplinary projects
  • Faculty participants receive a $300 stipend for participation.
  • Additional details are below. Read more about the history of SoTL.

Stuctural Components of SoTL at LCC

With the start of the 2017-18 academic year, SoTL collaboration is being established beyond LCC. At LCC, a broad set of SoTL opportunities is being established based on experience at Lane and the broader SoTL community. Its components are the following:

1. Seminar-1 “What is SoTL?” - a 6-week seminar, structured as a FIG.

2. Seminar-2 “Early SoTL Work” - a 6-week seminar, structured as a FIG. (Prerequisite: Seminar-1 or equivalent)

3. Term-long inquiry and reform development focused on specific general questions. (Prerequisites: Seminar-1and 2 or equivalent)

4. Year-long communities of practice of a common faculty cohort participating in 1,2,3 above. (Participants in Seminars 1 and 2 need not attend a common seminar.) This structure is suggested for inclusion in grant-funded efforts.

5. Informal SoTL colloquia. An opportunity to share your “work in progress” with colleagues, find out what others are doing, and build collaboration. 

6. Writing/presentation support groups. An opportunity to get and give colleagues feedback on public presentations, including conference talks, posters, and articles.

7. Grant proposal support group. An opportunity to leverage and build SoTL infrastructure in preparing grants for inquiry and sustainably implementing education reform.

In years ahead efforts will be made to create and secure funding for further infrastructure supporting SoTL at Lane and Oregon community colleges. Contact Dennis Gilbert,, about any of the above activities, suggestions for further support needed, and look for announcements.

For more information, contact Dennis Gilbert, faculty member, at or FPD Coordinator, Aryn Bartley, at