Democracy Conversation Series

Democracy Conversation Series

The current climate of political polarization has created deep uncertainty about the discourses and practices that uphold democracy in the United States. The Democracy Conversation Series will bring Lane faculty and invited experts into conversation about democratic values and principles as they relate to current topics and events. The series will explore how civic discourse inside and outside the classroom is impacted by challenges to democratic values, and aims to increase the LCC faculty’s confidence in addressing, facilitating discussion of, and building curriculum around democratic values. 

Upcoming Events:

"Free Expression and Education in our Democracy — Implications for College Classrooms"
Dr. Jonathan Friedman of PEN America 

Thursday, March 2, 2-3:15 p.m. 

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Today’s educational institutions are beset by conflicting narratives about educational freedom and censorship. On campus, faculty and students are facing challenges to free expression and course content. In schools, book bans and gag orders have increased exponentially fueled by ideological rhetoric of keeping children "safe." All of this bodes poorly for our democracy—for the future of education, inquiry, and the circulation of knowledge. And it all impacts our college classrooms. This event will explore these dynamics, and how instructors can reframe divisive rhetoric that disrupts higher education.

Dr. Jonathan Friedman is director of free expression and education programs at PEN America. An interdisciplinary scholar, Jonathan oversees research, advocacy and public education related to the freedom to read, learn and teach in schools, colleges and universities. He is an expert on free speech on campus and has extensive experience with advocacy. His Tedx talk, This Talk May be Banned in Schools is a compelling introduction to the urgency of his work.

All are welcome, and part-time faculty may use in-service hours to attend. 

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Winter 2023 Democracy Conversation: Misinformation and Free Expression

Friday, March 10, 10-10:50 a.m.

CEN 303 and on Zoom

Join FPD's Democracy Conversations team to discuss your responses to this term's invited lectures on misinformation and free expression! How have issues around misinformation and/or free expression impacted your work, either inside or outside of the classroom? What approaches have you taken to facilitating student expression in an era of misinformation? What challenges have you faced? We will be meeting in the Center for Teaching and Learning (CEN 303) and on Zoom. 

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