Differential Tuition Reimbursement

Differential Tuition Reimbursement

The Collective Bargaining Agreement between the LCCEA and Lane Community College provides that FPD will reimburse faculty for 25% of differential tuition assessed by the College as follows: 

19.8 Differential Tuition. All faculty members and qualifying family members incurring charges for differential tuition (also known as "differential fees" and "differential pricing") shall receive a 25% reduction in differential tuition charges (in addition to the regular tuition waiver) to be paid by the College. In addition, all faculty members shall receive a 25% reimbursement for differential tuition charges to be paid by the Faculty Professional Development Fund.

This is a different fund than the employee tuition waiver that covers tuition for certain active employees and their family members. For information about the employee tuition waiver, contact Human Resources.

In order to request the 25% differential tuition reimbursement from FPD, eligible faculty members should complete the FPD Reimbursement Form and submit it along with proof of payment or Lane student account statement to FPD Coordinator, Brooke Taylor at taylorb@lanecc.edu or fpd@lanecc.edu.

Eligibility: Contracted faculty members are eligible. Part-time faculty members will be eligible after one (1) year of faculty employment at LCC with a .20 annual average FTE.