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This procedure describes which employees are eligible for tuition waivers, the extent of the tuition waiver benefit, and the process for requesting a tuition waiver. Certain active employees, family members and management retirees are eligible for tuition waivers. The tuition waiver benefit cannot be used to waive fees.


Eligibility for Benefits

Tuition waiver benefits for active employees, family members and management retirees are defined in the collective bargaining agreement or working agreement for each employee group.

Employees who are not eligible for tuition-free classes under a working agreement, are eligible to enroll in one credit or noncredit class without tuition charge each term in which they are employed.

Volunteers and employees under the Student Learn and Earn and Federal Work Study programs, are not eligible for tuition waivers.

Fee Waivers

The tuition waiver benefit cannot be used to waive fees. The student is responsible for the payment of these charges.

Paperwork Requirements

Tuition waiver forms are not required for employees in budgeted positions. Tuition will be waived at the time the employee completes the class registration process.

Family members of contracted employees, part-time employees, and Lane retirees must submit the appropriate Tuition Waiver form to Human Resources before tuition will be waived. Forms are available in Human Resources, or on the Human Resources forms page, under Benefit Forms/Tuition Waiver Forms: Tuition Waiver Form (Family), Tuition Waiver Form (Part-Time), Tuition Waiver Form (Retired).

Family members must be pre-certified for the family tuition waiver benefit before the student begins the class registration process. This certification is required one time only for the family members of employees in budgeted positions. The process must be repeated each term for the family members of all other eligible employees. Certification forms are available in Human Resources. Completed forms are returned to the Human Resources Office for processing.

Classes Taken During Regular Work Hours

Employees are responsible for obtaining the approval of the department administrator before enrolling in classes during regular working hours. In certain situations, the department administrator may wish to approve release time for the class if it is work-related.

For assistance with the tuition waiver process, contact Human Resources.

Date Adopted

Saturday, May 1, 1999

Date Last Reviewed

Thursday, October 9, 2014