2020-2021 Awards

2020-2021 Awards

2020-2021 Awards Report

James Garcia, Student Engagement
"The Puertas Abiertas Leadership Academy: A Decolonized Approach to Recentering
the Lives of Latinx Middle, High School, and College Students"

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Brian Haimbach, Arts and Humanities (Theatre)
"How to be a Sissy II: Why I Never Had the Balls to be a Drag Queen"

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Cybele Higgins, College and Career Foundations (to be completed in 2021-22) 
"Environmental Activism, Law, and Language"

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Steve McQuiddy, College and Career Foundations
"Hidden Histories: How to Find the Truth When the Internet is Not Enough"

Phil Moore, Science, Mathematics, and Engineering
"Number Theory Research and Collaboration"

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Casey Reid, Arts and Humanities/ Academic and Tutoring Services
"Bringing a Critical Reform Framework to WPA Labor in a Two-Year College Context"

Andreas Salzman, Arts and Humanities (to be completed in 2021-22)
"Research of the Building Methods, Locations, and Sacred Objects of Medieval
Western Europe"

Brooke Taylor, Science, Mathematics, and Engineering
"From Vine to Bottle: The Chemistry of Wine"

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Suzanne Williams, Social Science (to be completed in 2021-22)
"Immigration Detention and Family Separation in the U.S.: Structure and Collective