Timely Information Promoting Student Success (TIPSS)

Timely Information Promoting Student Success (TIPSS)

Timely Information Promoting Student Success
- present data, findings, overviews and discussions of topics that impact Lane student success. TIPSS are disseminated to Lane employees via email and provide contact information so readers can interact with the data team to learn more.

TIPSS 60 A Look at FTEIC Students

TIPSS 59 A Look at Adult Students Supplemental Information

TIPSS 58 Success Metrics & New Funding Formula

TIPSS 57 Priority Groups & New Funding Formula

TIPSS 56 Lane’s Funding Tied to Student Success

TIPSS 55 Recruiting Traditional Students

TIPSS 54 Skills Development and Student Success

TIPSS53 Credit Attempts and Completion Rates

TIPSS52 Retain More Students Fall-to-Winter? Yes, We Did!

TIPSS51 Corequisite Pathway Helps Students Complete Gateway Math

TIPSS50 Completion and Retention Rates for Students

TIPSS49 Can We Retain More Students Fall-to-Winter

TIPSS48 Enrollment Declines across Oregon Community Colleges

TIPSS47 It's Time to End the Trend

TIPSS46 Lane Index 2.0

TIPSS45 Transfer Rates of Lane's Transfer Students

TIPSS44 First Year Experience Student Survey

TIPSS43 Oregon Promise and Lane’s First Year Experience

TIPSS42 Completing Gateway Courses during the Student’s First Year

TIPSS41 Re-Updating the Pipeline Math

TIPSS40 Re-Updating the Pipeline Writing

TIPSS39 Lane's Title III Grant and Work-based Learning

TIPSS38 Mission Fulfillment Indicators-Grad & Transfer

TIPSS37 Early Momentum Metrics First Time EVER in College

TIPSS36 Lane's Mission in Pandemic

TIPSS35 Lane Degrees

TIPSS34 Grade Inflation?

TIPSS33 Course Success Rate

TIPSS32_What will GP Become

TIPSS31_More First Impressions (SENSE)

TIPSS30_Students' Initial Experience

TIPSS29_Early Momentum Metrics

TIPSS28_Excess Credits

TIPSS27_Total Success Rates


TIPSS25_Updating the Pipeline-Math

TIPSS24_Updating the Pipeline-Writing

TIPSS23_Placement & Success

TIPSS22_Single Measure Placement

TIPSS21_Pilot Project in First-Year Math

TIPSS20_Do First-Year Writing and Math Matter

TIPSS19_A Closer Look at Completion of Program-Level MATH

TIPSS18_A Closer Look at Completion of Program-Level WRITING

TIPSS17_Key Progress Indicators

TIPSS16_Stop-Out Survey

TIPSS15_Academic Progress Standards


TIPSS13_Enrollment Patterns

TIPSS12_Students These Days

TIPSS11_Thirty-Years Credit Enrollment


TIPSS9_Grade Distributions

TIPSS8_Malveaux’s Challenge

TIPSS7_Closer look at Stop-outs

TIPSS6_Math&Writing Leaky Pipeline

TIPSS5_Gateway Math-Portal or Barrier

TIPSS4_Shipping Analogy

TIPSS3_Lane Index

TIPSS2_Could We Do Better

TIPSS1_What We Do Matters