2021-2022 Awards

2021-2022 Awards

2021-2022 Awards Report

Indira Bakshi, College and Career Foundations
"Hope for Venezuela: Lessons to Bring Back Home"

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Lisa Benson, Hotel/Restaurant/Tourism Management
"Hospitality Vocational Training in Rural Panama"

Susan Lowdermilk, Visual Arts and Media Arts
"Catastrophe and Regeneration in Western Forests: 
Responding to the 2020 Wildfires through Visual Artworks"

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Sarah Lushia, Arts and Humanities
"Generative and Essential: Understanding the Role of Disability
Studies in Creating More Accessible Learning Experiences and
Assessments in Multimodal Writing"

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Art Peck, Science, Math, and Engineering
"Math and Physics of Exploration and Survival in a Rapidly
Changing World"

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