2019-2020 Awards

2019-2020 Awards

2019-2020 Awards Report

Amy Beasley, LLC (to be completed in 2021-22)
"Educating into Creativity: Creative Pedagogy and Composition"

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Stacey Kiser, Science
"Wildlife Research and LCC Alumni Tour"

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Kathleen Lloyd, Early Childhood Education
"Archive Interviews: Capturing the Oral Tradition of Dr. Maria
Montessori’s Discovery of Children’s Ability to Self-Regulate
by Designing the Environment for Focused Attention"

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Anne McGrail, LLC
“On Returning from My Sabbatical Into the Pandemic: Reflections
on Broken World Thinking Now”

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Ahmad Rajabzadeh, Engineering (completed in 2020-21)
“Development and Construction of an Electrical Power Plant
from Harnessing Tidal Energy”

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Michael Sámano, Social Science
“Archival Methodology and Institutional Memory of Ethnic Studies
at Lane Community College, the University of Oregon, and Oregon
State University”

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Jennifer Tavernier, Health Professions 
“Doctor of Nursing Practice Practicum”

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