Staff Technology Orientation

Staff Technology Orientation

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Technology Support


    Our online KnowledgeBase provides a large amount of resources for staff, faculty and students on many of the topics covered in this list.
  • IT Help Desk

    The IT Help Desk is available to assist Lane employees with computer hardware/software issues, Novell/Groupwise accounts, smart classroom equipment, and printers.
  • Academic Technology Center

    The Academic Technology Center is your one-stop support center for academic technologies, including all aspects of online instruction, Moodle support, web resources, and much more. In addition, the ATC provides equipment available to faculty and staff for checkout, including iPads, digital cameras, cable converters, and headsets.
    • Location: Center Building, room 208 – 2nd Floor of the Learning Commons, across from the Library, Student Help Desk (SHeD) and Blenders
    • Phone: 541-463-3377
    • Email:
    • Web: ATC site



    FERPA is the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act - a Federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. For more information, please consult the Release of Student Records page.

    COPPS is the College Online Policy and Procedure System, a comprehensive database of policies and procedures for every department at Lane Community College. Access COPPS.


LCC Staff may update their contact information, submit timesheets, and register for classes or pay a bill (as a student) through the myLane portal.


  • New Accounts

    To request a new email, contact your department - they will submit your request with the pertinent details to the IT Help Desk. After you submit your request, you will be able to login after the account is created.
  • Password Management

    Your Gmail password will be the same as your myLane password. You can manually change your Gmail password, but if you change your myLane password, your Gmail password will automatically change to match it.

  • Spam - Spam or suspicious messages are automatically filtered into Spam.

  • Gmail for Mobile Devices - The easiest way to access Gmail on your phone is to install the Gmail app and sign in.
  • Gmail for Apple Mail & Other Email Clients - You can check your LCC Gmail using other email clients, such as Apple Mail. Contact the ATC if you need assistance.
  • Gmail Proxy Access - Proxy or delegate access allows a user to manage another user's Mailbox by reading, accepting, and declining items on their behalf. For further information on this subject, including instructions on granting proxy/delegate rights and becoming a proxy/delegate user, please consult Google’s documentation Google: Setup mail delegation.

OES (Novell) Network

  • Connecting to Drives
    • Logging onto OES Novell Network - The Novell Netware Network connects your workstation to file servers, printers, and other shared computing and information resources.
    • Accessing Network Folders - For instructions on accessing mapped drives, your personal storage folder (W drive), shared folders, and obtaining access to other network folders, please consult this article: Accessing Network Folders.


  • The "LCC WiFi" network is for staff, faculty, and students.

    Log in using your L# and password. For additional information visit our knowledgebase at More information can be found on the Wireless Network page.

Technology Equipment

Access Control Cards & Keys

Smart Classrooms / Smart Carts

  • Overview - Smart Classrooms are outfitted with an all-in-one equipment podium that includes a DVD player, VCR, Doc Cam, and a PC/Mac. It's also possible to connect an iPad/tablet/laptop or other equipment to the Smart Classroom for display.



  • Introduction to Moodle - Moodle is a Learning Management System (LMS) used to support online learning here at Lane Community College. Faculty may use Moodle for a number of reasons: to provide online resources in addition to in-class instruction, to teach an online class, to create questionnaires/forums, to create a comprehensive resource for other faculty members. Moodle is highly customizable and easy-to-learn.

  • Accounts in Moodle - You may log into Moodle using your L# and password. After you are assigned to a course, you will be able to access it in Moodle. (The course will be in your "Hidden courses" if it is not yet visible to students.) Check the calendar in the Moodle Notifications & Training course for Moodle events.
  • Navigation
  • Tutorials

Google Workspace


Google Workspace is Lane Community College's online storage system for all types of files - including images, videos, music, documents, and much more. Google Workspace is a cloud storage program that allows content to be uploaded directly to the file hosting system without any additional programs or clients.


  • Introduction - LaneDrive is another service that provides storage space (albeit temporarily) to both students and faculty. If you intend to share and/or embed your files, please use Google Drive instead.

  • Accessing LaneDrive - For instructions on accessing and using LaneDrive, please consult the LaneDrive Information page.

Staff/Faculty Labs

  • ATC Lab - The ATC Lab is a drop-in computer lab available to staff and faculty. Our Student Consultants are always on-hand to assist and provide technical advice. The ATC Lab is located in the Center Building, room 208 – 2nd Floor of the Learning Commons, down the hall from Blenders Coffee Shop.

  • ATC Classroom - Staff, faculty, and management may schedule the ATC Classroom for academic technology workshops. If you would like to submit your own, please email us at with the following information:

    • Date
    • Time
    • Location
    • Contact/Requester
    • Description
    • Category(s)
    • Presenter (Unless it's an internal department event)
    • Registration required? (Y/N) (Unless it's an internal department event)


  • Accounts & Scheduling - To request an account for 25Live, please send an email to The 25Live administrator will create a user account and send a confirmation email with the account and password to you. 25Live can be accessed for scheduling/meetings/conferences from the Lane Events & 25Live Accounts page.

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