About the ATC

About the Academic Technology Center (ATC)

The Academic Technology Center (ATC) is a one-stop support center for faculty and staff. We provide troubleshooting, training, production assistance, and a drop-in lab to support the use of a wide variety of technologies for instructional and academic purposes. This includes

  • Daily drop-in lab hours for staff and faculty to provide a place to work without distraction.
  • Equipment checkout of electronic devices & accessories — including emerging tech.
  • Learning Management System (Moodle) course set-up, assistance, and troubleshooting
  • Online course development, tools, and instruction
  • Pedagogical advice & course design support
  • Instructional web page development and editing
  • Lecture and presentation development
  • Training related to distance education, digitally enhanced pedagogy, and the tools Academic Technology supports
  • Lane-specific information sharing through knowledgebase articles, support documentation, and web resources

Our Vision

We aspire to be the cornerstone of support and innovation at Lane by transforming the academic landscape into a dynamic, inclusive environment where students and faculty learn, grow, and become empowered to overcome challenges and achieve excellence.

Our Mission

We provide unparalleled academic, pedagogical, and technical support to our students and faculty by placing the needs of students at the core of everything we do. We foster a culture of innovation, risk-taking, and empathy in all things we take on. We are dedicated to breaking down barriers, championing the cause of education, and ensuring that every individual feels supported, valued, and inspired. With a strong ethos of care and a commitment to excellence, we work to enhance the learning environment and experiences, making Lane Community College a model of educational innovation and a home for academic success.