Media Services - Streaming and Videoconferencing

Media Services

Streaming, Videoconferencing and Web Conferencing

Teaching and Learning: Collaborations for Success

Someone can't attend in person? Events are streamed so they can be viewed from a home, office or other distant location. If you have a meeting or classroom event that needs to reach a large audience, you might consider streaming the event.

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Web Conferencing

Web conferencing, Zoom Meetings, or Zoom Webinars, allow multiple computer users connected to the Internet to all see the same presentation at the same time. Web conferencing enables users to hold meetings, make presentations, conduct demonstrations, provide online education and offer direct customer support. Presenters and participants interact using a variety of features such as: audio, video, instant messaging, shared interactive whiteboard, polling, file sharing and application sharing.

Zoom is the web conferencing software currently used by Lane. Zoom can easily be integrated in Moodle for use in your course.


Videoconferencing is a two-way video and audio system allowing two or more remote sites to be connected so participants can see and hear each other. Videoconferencing connects groups saving travel time and expense.

We currently have several enhanced classrooms and conference rooms equipped with videoconference equipment on Main Campus.

  • Building 2 room 213 (seats 30)
  • Building 2 room 214 (seats 30)
  • Building 2 room 128 (seats 16)
  • Building 3 room 107 (seats 8)
  • Building 4 room 105 (seats 50)
  • Building 30 room 121 (seats 40)
  • Building 31 room 101 (seats 150)
  • Building 31 room 114 (seats 8)

At the Downtown Center

  • room 125 (seats 20)

At the Cottage Grove Campus

  • room 140 (seats 16)
  • room 139 (seats 4)

At the Florence Campus

  • room 159 (seats 16)
  • room 162 (seats 16)

To schedule a live streaming, videoconferencing or web conferencing event:

Phone: 541-463-5319 or 3296

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