Media Services

Media Services

Video and Multimedia Resources

The Media Services Center is your one-stop support center for creating rich media for in-class and online instruction. We also provide many services to help staff with media creation such as recording meetings and special events. Our services are free to College departments! We provide a full range of services including media development, lecture capture, video and audio recording, cable TV broadcast, videoconferencing, web conferencing, live streaming, and live college event.

Services available:

  • Consultation for instructional videos
  • Videoconferencing and web conferencing
  • Live streaming
  • Synchronous online classroom support via Zoom
  • Single and multi-camera video recording
  • Audio and video production, development, and editing
  • Graphics and media development and editing
  • Audio booth recording support
  • Video hosting services

Facility features:

  • Edit suites: staffed with student interns ready to work on your projects
  • Video and audio recording room: Adobe Creative Suite, and Audacity for your use, we'll provide hands on instruction until you're doing you own work.
  • Equipment Checkout: HD digital video cameras and digital audio recorder
  • Lightboard support for instructional videos: Lightboards are a great way to convey complex information quickly in a way you're used to with whiteboards.
  • Videoconferencing classrooms:We provide video conferencing services that include; "live" interactive classes, workshops or meetings sent to Downtown, Florence, and Cottage Grove campuses or virtually anywhere in the State, Country or Planet. You provide us with the location you're trying to connect to, a name and contact information of that person and we'll take care of the rest.

electronic soundboardContacting Media Services:

Staff are available from 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday through Friday (closed Fridays during summer). We may be available evenings or weekends for special projects.

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