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One-Stop, No-Drop Support

When you bring any technology question or request to the ATC, it will be routed to the most appropriate responder for you. We track every request closely to ensure that a timely and appropriate response is provided.

Moodle Use and Course Development

Our student consultants possess a comprehensive knowledge of Moodle and its features. They are able to assist you in configuring your gradebook, creating online quizzes, assignments, forums - and much more!

Lecture and Presentation Development

For assistance with creating lectures and presentations, the ATC provides technical support and advice. In particular, we specialize in Microsoft PowerPoint, iClickers, and Screencast-O-Matic.

Equipment Checkout

The ATC has a diverse collection of academic equipment to be checked out, including digital/video cameras, iClickers, lapel microphones, iPads, headsets, and much more! For a complete list, please visit the ATC's Equipment Checkout page.

Faculty Technology Support & Orientation

The ATC is on-hand to acclimate newly hired faculty and staff to the academic technologies used here at Lane Community College, providing both online and live support. 

Drop-In Lab

Our drop-in lab is open to faculty and staff for immediate support from our student consultants. Each PC workstation is able to run either Mac OS or Windows, both which support a number of popular applications and program suites for your convenience. For more information, please visit our Drop-In Lab page.

ATC Classroom

Faculty and staff are invited to use our classroom for staff training sessions and workshops. Our classroom is outfitted with a projector screens and easily allows you to connect your laptop, iPad or other tablet for display on our projector. If you would like to schedule an event in the ATC classroom, please contact


If you are interested in learning topics or programs such as Drupal, iMovie, or HTML, the ATC has a library of books available to checkout.

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