S2S Student Worker Training

Student 2 Student 4 Success - Student Worker Training

S2S Courses Are For Anyone -

These Moodle courses have been developed by various departments at LaneCC that employ student workers in jobs that support student success.

We use them for training our student workers, so that they can complete training independently during their scheduled shifts and we can track their progress.

We want to share these resources with any LaneCC departments for use in training their student workers or staff.

  • Feel free to direct your students or co-workers to any of the courses below.
  • Email the ATC if you would like to have instructor access to any of these courses in order to track your team's progress in the course.

S2S Training Courses:

Enrolling in S2S Courses -

  1. Click on link to desired S2S course.
  2. Log into Moodle with your L#
  3. In Administration block, click on [Enroll me in this course]
  4. Click on the Enroll Me button

Accessing S2S Courses -

The courses below are all set up to allow anyone to view them as a guest or to self-enroll as a student after logging into Moodle:

  • Access them by clicking on the link below,
  • Find the courses on Moodle by entering S2S in the course search box,
  • Copy and paste the links below into an email and send it to your team.