Photography and Video

College Photographs

Marketing and Public Relations has a collection of photographic images for use in marketing Lane. The collection of photographic images includes photographs of students, shots of campus, and stock photography of people and objects. These images are consistently used in brochures, ads, displays, the Lane website, and other marketing pieces. You can find these photos from our Public Album.


In order to meet requests from news media, Lane's PIO has a collection of portraits of the president, vice presidents, and members of the board of education. For more information, contact Rebecca Long, Director of Marketing and Strategic Communication, 541-463-5828.


Marketing and Public Relations has cameras available for checkout by other departments for use on projects related to marketing and public relations. To borrow a camera, contact Rebecca Long, Director of Marketing and Strategic Communication at (541)463-5828.

Photo/Video Release Form

When taking photographic or video images that are intended for promotional use by the college, releases should be obtained from subjects who will be recognizable. This procedure applies to images to be used in printed publications, displays, videotapes, on Lane's website, and in any other formats.

By filling out a release form, subjects authorize Lane to publish their likeness in Lane materials. It is the responsibility of the department publishing an image to have the necessary releases on file. Release forms are also necessary when publishing testimonial statements when their name is being published.

Releases are not required when photographing people in a public place, such as walking across campus or attending a Lane graduation ceremony. If subjects are prominent in an image that is shot at a public space or event and it is anticipated that the photographs will be used in a highly conspicuous way (such as on the cover of a publication or on a prominent web page), then it is advisable and courteous to obtain a signed release from these subjects when possible.

Note: whenever possible, if photo use might identify someone as a part of a subgroup such as LGBTQ+, certain religions, immigrant status, invisible disability, neurodivergent, or similar, the photo subject should be informed of the potential photo use and provided an opportunity to opt out.


An adaptation of the Lane logo has been developed for use in broadcast, video production and for web-based streaming video. The icon and "Community College" have been modified to provide optimum legibility on the screen. Any video containing the Lane logo, regardless of its intended purpose, must be pre-approved by the Marketing and Public Relations department. Refer to the Lane Logo & Graphic Standards guide for more information regarding the use of the Lane logo in video production.