Logo Graphics Standards

Lane Graphic Standards

The Lane Graphic Standards guide includes information on how to properly use the Lane logo, the official Lane colors and fonts, the wording for equal opportunity and disability statements, and features of Lane stationery.

Graphic Standards cover

Lane's visual identity in publications such as web pages, brochures, print advertising, and stationery is a direct result of consistent use of these graphic standards. Having a set of design standards also makes the production of new materials easier, faster, and less costly.

Lane has a companion publication, the Writer's Style Guide, with tips on writing content and handling punctuation for Lane marketing publications and web pages.

To obtain the Lane logo in digital form, you can download the Lane logo. If you need more information than is in the Graphic Standards Guide, or have questions about Lane graphic standards, contact Rebecca Long, Director of Marketing and Strategic Communication, (541) 463-5828.

Merchandise Standards Guide

The Lane Titan Brand is a symbol of pride for athletics, student life, and the overall educational experience at Lane. Its unique personality is communicated through its color palette, character, design, and symbolic representation. In an effort to be effective stewards of our brand, we must always stay true to the core elements that make up its visual representation.

Lane also has a signature generator, to help you generate a branded, professional signature.