Mailroom and Warehouse

Welcome! Mailroom and Warehouse Information

Contact Mailroom and Warehouse:

Hours: 8-4:00 Monday-Friday

Lane Community College
Mailroom and Warehouse
4000 East 30th Avenue
Eugene, OR 97405

Location: Building 7, 1st floor, beneath Printing and Graphics

Mailroom and Warehouse:

Mark Richardson - FMP Assoc Director of Mail and Warehouse
Phone: 541-463-3456

Adrian McLeod
Phone: 541-463-5575

Brendan MacDonald
Phone: 541-463-5571


We are delivering to department offices which are staffed. You may pick up your department’s mail and packages and your print orders at the warehouse. The mail is picked up from USPS and sorted at LCC by 8:00 am daily.

Outgoing mail/packages go out at 2:30. The USPS is experiencing a startling slowdown in transport and delivery. Make sure you send mail and packages planning for them to arrive 5-6 days out.


Incoming FedEx / UPS freight arrives approximately 11:00 M-F; recipients will be emailed.

Outgoing packages: Must be packed, boxed and taped—ready to go. Print on a small piece of paper the name, business or contact and address. I will make the address label via UPS online order service.

If you are returning items, you should get a label from the vendor, bring it to the Warehouse. Give it to Adrian or Brendan.

If your department is paying shipping, you’ll need to give me the FOAP.

Pallet Orders: Let us know the date you ordered your items and any other details.

Supply Orders:

To order printer paper, printer/copier toners, LCC stationery, LCC envelopes or color paper, use the Print Shop Pro portal to order.

If you’re not signed up, Printing and Graphics webpage has a guide for set up called Online ordering portal.

Empty toners - put them in the box you’ve removed the new one from. If the cartridge is “leaking” powder, carefully put in a garbage bag, not in the box, and bring to the warehouse. No longer necessary to affix UPS label on box. We have a new recycling vendor.

We are happy to serve you and can offer solutions for all of your mailing and packaging needs, just send us an email.

View information on ordering toner and paper and for requesting repair service.

Frequently Asked Questions, How do I….

Get a department postage code?

  • Email us and one will be assigned. You will give me a FOAP which corresponds with postage charges.

Get department letters metered?

  • Write your postal code in the upper left side, bring to the warehouse.
  • Enter through the open door and place in wire basket. Indicate international
  • mail. If you want us to seal envelopes, fold flap down for each envelope.
  • Outgoing mail to the PO at 2:30, Mon-Fri.

I’m missing a piece of mail, is it “laying around” the Mailroom?

  • No. Incoming mail is either delivered to department offices or department boxes in the Mailroom on the same day it is picked up from the post office. It is your responsibility, especially if it’s a check you’re expecting that’s lost, to contact the sender.

How should the sender address my mail /package?

  • Your Department Name
    4000 E 30th Ave
    Eugene OR 97405
    No need to put ‘Lane Community College’
    The freight companies pay attention to the address.

How do I know if a package has arrived?

  • Track it before you email/call the Mailroom.
  • We are contacting recipients the day your package arrives.
  • Call the vendor and ask when was it shipped? Are there delays?

**At this time manufacturing has slowed because of supply chain issues.USPS is beginning a slowdown as well. It will take 5-6 days to reach the destination to receive mail and packages. Communication with your vendor especially at this time, is of utmost importance.If you need an item by a certain date, contact the vendor to see if they have it in stockhow soon it would arrive.

If there’s other “how do I?” procedures that you would like to know about, contact us. We’re happy to help you.

Shipping/Receiving located at Gate 5

Shipping/Receiving sign on main campus