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Space assignment or change of space use requests will be analyzed to ensure the college's physical facilities are allocated according to the college Space Assignment Policy and in a manner that is both equitable and reflects the needs of the units and goals of the college. The objective of the process is to provide timely space assignments to maximize the utilization of college space, especially instructional space, in support of the goals of the college in alignment with Lane's vision, mission, core themes, core values, and strategic directions.

The space assignment procedure consists of four distinct phases as outlined below. The procedure starts with receipt of a completed Space Assignment Request and ends, assuming no appeals, when an administrative decision is made.



  1. The Requestor completes a Space Assignment Request Form. This is a Softdocs form and login is required.
  2. The Request is routed to the direct Manager for signature, then to the overseeing VP for signature, and then to the Space Assignment Committee. The FMP Director chairs this committee.
  3. The Space Assignment Committee undertakes some, or all of following tasks and is assisted by FMP staff as needed:
    1. Meet with the requestor to understand the rationale for the request and its physical consequences. This meeting may include discussion about other ways to satisfy the needs and funds available to complete the request.
    2. Review "budget level" cost estimates and time schedules.
    3. Discuss the space request with administrators of units impacted by a potential space assignment, especially those who currently use the space to be assigned.
    4. Prepare a Recommendation Report and submit it in the comments section of the space request on Softdocs. Longer recommendation reports can also be attached to the space request in softdocs.
  4. The Liaison to the Presidential Cabinet conveys the recommendation(s) to the Cabinet for review and approval.

Administrative Decision

The Cabinet approves, rejects or takes other action on the recommendation and returns the Report to the Space Assignment Committee who will notify all parties of decisions made. If the Cabinet desires to overturn a previous decision, the Space Assignment Committee has the right to submit a rebuttal.


Appeals must be based on new and relevant information not previously known. Appellant must submit an appeal on Softdocs using the space request form. . The Space Assignment Committee will verify the basis of appeal and determine if the appeal has sufficient merit. If the appeal has merit a new recommendation will be brought to the Cabinet by the Cabinet Liaison.


The requestor submits a Work Order to FMP requesting the work to be done. FMP is responsible for implementing the Work Order.

Date Adopted

Monday, December 1, 2003

Date Last Reviewed

Wednesday, June 22, 2022