Printer Supplies and Service

Printer and Copier Supplies and Service

Receiving supplies and service for your networked laser printer is easy.

The printer has a metallic sticker that has an important piece of information, the Equipment ID#. See below for examples.

For printers it normally begins with a P or Q or R or 1P, use this number when requesting service.

If your printer does not have a sticker but is networked contact PG to have it added to the printer program. All networked printers that use toner are required to be on the print management program.

We provide all toner, white paper (8.5x11), repair, and maintenance for printers on the print management program. Going forward we will fix or replace any printer with a CTX sticker.

Printers that use wet ink or are connected via a USB cable (not networked) must purchase their own paper and toner and ink separately--please do not comingle print supplies.

Printer Service:

For mechanical problems always call CTX first. CTX (Copytronix) is the only authorized service vendor for desktop printers at LCC. If you call another service vendor you will be required to pay their invoice.

Phone: 503-624-9224 or 877-722-5509


When calling for service try to be as descriptive as possible and have your Equipment ID# ready. We will first try to fix the device remotely, with your assistance. When leaving a message or sending an email please leave a contact phone number along with your name and a complete description of the problem, including the Equipment ID# which is listed after the Your ID# on a CTX sticker.

image of P Number Sticker from CTX

Copier and Printer Supplies:

To order printer paper, printer/copier toners, LCC stationery, LCC envelopes or color paper, use the Print Shop Pro portal to order.

If you’re not signed up, Printing and Graphics webpage has a guide for set up called Online ordering portal.

Copier Service:

For copier service please call the phone number on the copier's sticker. CTX (Copytronix) or POA (Pacific Office Automation) are the only authorized copier service vendors for LCC. If you call another service vendor you will be required to pay for their service fees and repair costs.

Please be prepared to give the Equipment ID# which is the Your ID# for CTX and Equip# for POA.

The service phone number for both POA and CTX are on their stickers. CTX service center is in Portland and they provide a toll free number. POA's service center is in Eugene and is a local call.

image of CTX Copier Sticker

image of Pacific Office Automation sticker

Staff member keycard access for copiers:

Submit a request through the IT Helpdesk at Printing, Printers, and Copiers