Ergonomics and Healthy Breaks

Ergonomics & Healthy Breaks

Ergonomics for the home office - Working from a home office can put stress on our backs, necks, arms, and hands that lead to discomfort, fatigue, or soreness. Get tips from SAIF for improved posture with less fatigue and stress.

Computer & Desk Stretches - Take a break during your work day and give your body a simple and fun stretching routine it will invigorate you.

Work Stretches - Do these quick stretches regularly to reduce fatigue and avoid injury. 

Stretch Breaks 9:

Today's break includes movements for ankle flexibility and mobility, shoulder and shoulder blade flexibility and mobility, and hand, finger and wrist stretches.

Stretch Breaks 8:

Today's break includes dynamic movements for the ankles, knees, hips, full body, sides, back, shoulders and neck.

Stretch Breaks 7:

Today's break includes stretches for the chest, shoulders, neck, upper back, lower back, hamstrings, adductors and glutes.

Stretch Breaks 6:

Today's stretches include dynamic and static stretches for our shoulders, back, sides, neck, hip flexors, and calves.

Stretch Breaks 5:

Today's stretches include dynamic stretches and focus on the shoulders, neck, back and thighs. They include an active chest stretch, neck rotations, spinal twists, wrist stretches and one for the adductors.

Stretch Breaks 4:

Today's stretches focus on the neck, upper back and shoulders. They include stretches and strengthening exercises for muscles that affect our shoulder blades and neck, and a spinal decompression exercise.

Stretch Breaks 3:

Today's stretches focus mainly on the lower body. They include seated and standing exercises for the ankles, glutes/piriformis, hip flexors, hamstrings, calves and one upper body stretch.

Stretch Breaks 2: 

Today's stretches focus on the shoulder area and include neck stretches and rolls, shoulder rolls, the pendulum, cross body arm swings, the cross body shoulder stretch, the eagle arm stretch, the cow face stretch and arms circles.

Stretch Breaks 1: 

Today's stretches include: Spiders doing Pushups for the hands, The Shake, Stretch Armstrong, a wrist flexors release exercise, Rev your Motorcycle (two ways), the "Prayer Stretch", a chest stretch and a neck stretch for the scalenes.

LCC's Safety Committee - Understanding ergonomics & elements of an ideal work station set up.

LCC Sponsored Healthy Meetings, Conferences, and Events Guidelines - These guidelines describe Lane's desire to offer healthy meetings, conferences, and events. Proper implementation of these guidelines will ensure Lane's sponsored meetings, conferences, or events provide healthy food options and physical activity breaks during the length of the meeting, conference, or event.

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