Employee Walk Jog Groups

Employee Walk/Jog Groups & Wellness Release Time

Before the pandemic, the employees listed below were leading walk/jog groups. We hope to return to this in the future.

Due to our current social distancing restrictions, please discuss with your manager ways you can still use your Wellness Release Time.

All employees can join these groups (in the future) and if you are a classified employee, you have Wellness Release Time for up to one hour each week. You can use this release time for Employee Wellness classes, the Fitness Education Center and these informal walk/jog groups. The employee should discuss with their manager how to flex their time to cover the additional class time. Employees are expected to work collaboratively with their manager to make arrangements for attending classes and prior to enrolling in any credit course during the employee’s normal work hours.  

Contact any of your following colleagues to join a walk or jog group virtually:

Russ Carr or carrr@lanecc.edu for walking at the main campus

Anna Scott or scottae@lanecc.edu for walking 3x a week for 20 minutes, at 12:30 p.m. (Mon,Wed, Fri preferred days) at the main campus

If you have any questions about Wellness Release Time or would like to form a walking or jogging group, please email Jenni Miner at minerja@lanecc.edu.