Design: Consult with an Instructional Designer

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It's time to design a roadmap! Let's meet and discuss the possibilities. 

At this meeting, we will talk about your course and what you want to accomplish. Next, we'll help you choose the path that works best for your goals. The following opportunities are funded:

  • Foundations of Course Design Practices(FCD) - The cornerstone course. This course is an introduction to best practices for developing courses. Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and accessibility will also be introduced. The course is 10 hours, offered in multiple modalities. This course is a prereq for all course development work funded through ID Services.
    [10 hours paid at curriculum development rate] 
  • Course Development Process - Create a new course or redesign a course for a new modality using OSCQR (Open Suny Online Course Quality Review Rubric).
    [up to 70 hours paid at curriculum development rate] 
  • Course Refresh is currently on hiatus. Details for the new process and flexible funding opportunities will be coming soon.
  • Teaching Pairs: Improving Your Distance Education Course - Team up with colleagues to improve your distance education course through a structured, evaluative process of course review and reflection. 
    [$400.00 stipend is awarded at the completion of the 10-12 hour project]

Interested in moving forward?

Let's Chat letter "I" for information. Information icon created by Schedule a course design consultation and one of our team will be happy to support you in your course development endeavors. If you just have a few questions or want to talk shop, feel free to drop us a line or stop by the ATC in CEN 208.

Schedule a consultation meeting with an ID 


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Deeper Dive–Learning Outcomes

Lane has several resources already available to assist faculty who want a head-start on course development. You will need to be logged into Moodle and/or your Lane Google Suite account to access some of the site-building materials.

Writing Learning Outcomes

In education, outcomes describe what a student will accomplish or demonstrate at the end of a given sequence of their education. There are several levels of outcomes to consider:

Institutional Level Outcomes - Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs) distill the essential human characteristics that faculty and their students will strive to develop through a liberal education at Lane. By expressing Lane's five Institutional Learning Outcomes and 27 dimensions, the college community commits to addressing and assessing these outcomes across the curriculum. Check with your division or department to see how you address meeting Lane's ILOs.

Program/Discipline Level Outcomes - Set by the program, division, or department, describe what a student will accomplish or demonstrate to earn a degree, certificate, or pathway certificate. Check with your division or department to see how you should be addressing meeting program outcomes or goals.
For more information visit Lane's 

Course Level Outcomes - Describe what a student will accomplish or demonstrate to successfully pass a course. Course-level outcomes are set at the state level and must go through the Curriculum Committee review process. Typically, faculty members teaching a given course will guide this process and collectively set the standards. They are specific and highly measurable.

Module, Weekly, or Assignment Level - Describe what a student will accomplish or demonstrate to pass a unit, module, or assignment. These goals are set by the instructor and should map back to the course-level outcomes.

Need help with writing or refining measurable outcomes? Go to Outcomes Writing & Revision You may also find Bloom's Digital Taxonomy Verbs Infographic helpful. This guide offers power verbs that will apply to all stages of skill-building and assessment. (Note: This guide is not currently available in alternative formats. Please contact us if you need assistance.) 

Reference: Learning Outcomes Assessment at LCC



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