COVID Ventilation Plan

COVID Ventilation Plan

prepared on 4/19/21

updated on 9/20/21

Plan based on CDC and ASHRAE Recommendations

ASHRAE = American Society for Heating Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers

Public Health Guidance

  • Follow Public Health Guidance. Wear masks, wash hands, and maintain social distancing

HVAC - Filtration

  • Use MERV-13 (single filter or equivalent combination) or better filtration for recirculated air systems
  • Ensure that filters are in good condition, have minimal gaps, and are installed in proper direction

HVAC - Additional Air Cleaning

  • Provide portable HEPA filters in shared offices, shared spaces, and/or classrooms upon request

HVAC - System Operation

  • Perform daily flush before occupied hours, minimum 2 hours
  • Disable or limit demand controlled ventilation (DCV) at air handlers and possibly at the zone level if systems have adequate capacity

HVAC - Ventilation

  • Provide code required outdoor air flow rates. Retain services of balancing/engineering firm to confirm ventilation rates, outside air damper operation, room airflow, etc. for targeted buildings and systems.