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Fred Rankin

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Vice President of Information Technology


To describe how employees obtain access to college technology resources. Procedures for granting/revoking system access for new, departing, and employees changing jobs are provided below. In addition, procedures for obtaining wireless access for personal devices are described. Finally, gaining access for other systems is described.


New Employees:
New employees gain access to computer and system resources such as myLane, Gmail, Novell, through the New Employee Banner Finance and/or HR Access Request eForm linked under Links to Forms/Exiting Employees.

Departing Employees:
Departing employees get access revoked through the timely completion and submittal of the Exiting Employee Technology Change Requests linked under Links to Forms/Banner Forms. Department admins are responsible for notifying Information Technology of employee terminations and transfers. These forms grant or revoke access to computers, Gmail, myLane, Novell, and the wireless network.

Personal Device Wireless Access:
Personal device wireless access can be obtained by selecting the SAN1 wireless network and entering your L# and password when requested. See WiFi on the Lane Community College Campus.

Access requests for other systems are described below:

  • INB (Internet Native Banner) access: See Banner User Policy and Banner Access Request Procedure
  • Filehost: An account is generated automatically and can be accessed with an L# and password
  • VPN: See VPN Procedure
  • Other Systems: Contact the Help Desk, x4444 or

Date Adopted

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Date Last Reviewed

Tuesday, December 1, 2015