Lane Weekly Submission Form

Lane Weekly Submission Form

About Lane Weekly

Lane Weekly is the official employee newsletter of Lane Community College. It is emailed on Tuesdays to all employees and LCC board members. The Weekly is available in alternative formats through the Center for Accessible Resources at 541-463-5150. For more information read the Weekly COPPS procedure.

Submission Instructions:

  • To contribute news or announcements, fill out the form below and submit no later than noon on the Monday before the publication date. Items received after noon on Monday cannot be guaranteed of publication the next day. Lane Weekly is published on Tuesdays unless otherwise announced.
  • Write and submit a complete announcement; do not merely forward a link, document, or suggestions.
  • Submissions are limited to 150 words to provide readers with a quick, concise read. If you feel more text is critical to reader understanding, include a URL in the Requests to Editor field, or email the editor at
  • If you have changes after you have submitted your information, or after it has been published, resubmit new information in full, and make a note in the Requests to Editor field that the new submission is to replace the previous submission.
  • If you have links or URLs, list them in the Requests to Editor field with the key words to be linked. Example: Weekly COPPS procedure Do not submit shortened URLs; the publishing software cannot read them.
  • Submissions can be repeated up to four times per term upon request. Include which four dates you want in the Requests to Editor field.
  • Attach photos when possible. Submit only gif, jpg, jpeg, or png files. If you have a PDF, resave it as a jpeg and submit that. Do not submit formatted Word documents with inserted graphics.

Writing Tips:

  • Write a specific one-line headline with date if timely.
  • Be concise. Limit submissions to 150 words.
  • To provide more information, list a URL in the Request to Editor field.
  • For timely information, include weekday, month, day, and beginning and ending time, as relevant. Current year is assumed and doesn't need to be included.
  • Specify location including which campus, building and room.
  • Answer who, what, when, where, why and how as relevant, in order of importance.
  • Provide contact information such as name, number, email, or all of these.
  • Use the Writer’s Style Guide for grammar, punctuation, usage, and style.
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