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This procedure describes steps to take to make submissions to Lane Weekly, the employee newsletter.



Lane Weekly is the official employee newsletter of Lane Community College. Its purpose is to provide news and information to help employees fulfill Lane's vision, mission, core values, and strategic directions. Employees should review each issue to stay informed of Lane business, policies, news, and events.


Lane Weekly is emailed Tuesdays unless otherwise announced.


Lane Weekly is distributed by email to LCC employees and to a separate subscribers list including Lane Board of Education and Lane Community College Foundation members. The newsletter is not available online

Submission Instructions

Deadline for submissions is noon Monday.

Submissions are limited to 100 words to provide readers with a quick, concise read. Include URLs so readers can link to more information and add a JPEG or PNG image if desired.

If you have changes to your submission after you have submitted it or after it has been published, correct and resubmit the information and add a message such as “please delete previous submissions and use this one” in the Requests to Editor section of the online submission form. 

Submissions can be repeated up to three times per term upon request. Include which three Tuesdays you want in the Requests to Editor field on the online submission form.

Enter submissions to Lane Weekly via the online Lane Weekly Submission Form.

Appropriate Content Guidelines

Appropriate content includes college event announcements; news about college programs, departments or employees; trainings; and other information about the college or of interest and of relevance to college employees.

Illness or memorial notices must be approved by a family member, close friend, or co-worker.

Include URLs so readers can link to more information.

Include photos when possible.

For sale and other personal ads have been discontinued to better align with state ethics to avoid using public resources for personal gain, and because local online services such as Craigslist and Next Door are now available.

All content is subject to editorial discretion.

Writing Tips

  • Write a one-line headline with the most relevant detail—include date for events or deadlines.
  • Think “who, what, when, where, why, how” and “best, first, most, only” when deciding what to write.
  • Be concise. For more information include a URL to a website.
  • Dates should include weekday, month, day, and beginning and ending times, as relevant. Current year is assumed and doesn't need to be included in most cases.
  • Specify location including campus, building and room.
  • Include contact information such as name, number, email, or all of these.
  • Use Associated Press style as reflected in the college’s Writer's Style Guide.


Lane Weekly is available to the vision-impaired through the Center for Accessibility Resources at 541-463-5150 (voice) or 541-463-3079 (TTY) or

Back issues

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Lane Weekly is published by Public Affairs. Send all inquiries to

Lane is an AA/EEO/Veterans/Disabilities Employer.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2001

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Wednesday, November 23, 2022