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Printing and Graphics


(541) 463-5096

Primary Contact

Patrick Blaine

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Responsible Executive Authority

Chief Information Officer


To provide guidance on the use of printers and copiers at Lane Community College (LCC) in order to maximize efficiencies, conserve fiscal and natural resources, and create standardization with regards to managed print services.



Departments should contact Printing and Graphics (PG) whenever they will require additional supplies of paper, toner, or other associated materials. In the event that a department anticipates heavy print activity that will surpass the on hand supplies, they should also arrange for a special delivery from PG. Current contact information is listed on the P&G website or please call the general extension for P&G at x3120.


Specialized Support Services (SSS) will deliver print supplies to main campus departments. SSS will aggregate the supply notifications from the print management software and then deliver those supplies based on a pre-established delivery route. Emergency deliveries will be coordinated by SSS with PG couriers being used as backups. Extension units that currently receive mail courier service will receive deliveries by the same courier. All others will receive printing supplies through a combination of priority mail from the USPS, UPS delivery, or PG/SSS courier service.

Storage of Print Supplies

Each department will maintain its current storage space for print supplies. When SSS or PG makes deliveries the supplies will be left with the department staff or placed directly in the pre-established storage areas at the discretion of each department. Couriers will pick up any used recyclable toner or stapler containers at the same time, space and time permitting.

Date Adopted

Monday, October 27, 2014

Date Last Reviewed

Monday, August 31, 2015