Printer and Copier Management





Governance Council

Infrastructure Council

Primary Contact

Brent Muñoz

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Responsible Executive Authority

Vice President of Information Technology


To provide guidance on the use of printers and copiers at Lane Community College, and order to maximize efficiencies, conserve fiscal and natural resources, and create standardization with regards to managed print services.


The College centrally manages printing equipment procurement, service, and supplies. Campus-wide print device management is the responsibility of the director of Printing/Graphics (PG) and the Infrastructure Services Manager (ISM) in Information Technology (IT). They work in coordination to assure efficient and effective use of printers and copiers.

Billing rates are determined by total LCC printing costs and are not an indication of actual costs associated with any one department or printing machine. The billing rate is intended to be fair to all LCC departments and students. Campus-wide billing rates for print services are the joint responsibility of the Vice President for Finance & Administration and the Chief Information Officer. In coordination, they will establish billing rates that are fiscally sustainable and responsive to the campus community. Users are charged at the lowest rates consistent with recovering costs of machine purchases or rentals and the costs of supplies, software, and maintenance. Actual rates will be reviewed and adjusted annually, if necessary. PG is responsible for billing departments for print and copier services.

PG also manages the distribution of paper, toner, staples, and other print supplies campus-wide. Service and repair management is the joint responsibility of PG and IT.

Any unauthorized print and copier devices will be the sole responsibility of the using department and will not be allowed on the network. All network services must be disabled on these devices. The department will be responsible for repair and consumable print supplies and must maintain a separate paper and toner supply.

Date Adopted

Monday, October 27, 2014

Date Last Reviewed

Wednesday, February 7, 2018