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Printing and Graphics


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Patrick Blaine

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Responsible Executive Authority

Chief Information Officer


To provide guidance on the use of printers and copiers at Lane Community College (LCC) in order to maximize efficiencies, conserve fiscal and natural resources, and create standardization with regards to managed print services.


Departments will not be charged for print and copy machines already in our service fleet. The cost of these devices is built into the per-page prices recovered when departments are billed for printer services used.

Requests for Equipment

If a department needs additional print or copier devices, the departmental administrator should submit a work request to Information Technology (IT). The request should list the requested equipment and placement location. Requests can be made for copiers, copiers with FAX machines, FAX machines, printers, color printers, or color copiers. IT and Printing and Graphics (PG) will choose equipment based on current service contracts and competitive bidding processes. Specific brands cannot be supplied unless they comply with current contracts. Unless otherwise specified, new equipment purchases will be charged back to the department.

Approval Process

IT and PG will evaluate equipment requests to determine whether the placement of print devices is warranted. The criteria for evaluation includes; type and location of equipment, print volume, confidentiality needs, and other business needs. If the request is approved, IT and PG will arrange for the delivery of equipment and will be responsible for all rental and maintenance agreements. If the request is denied, IT and PG will contact the requesting budget manager to provide reasons for denial. Appeals can be forwarded to the Vice President of Finance & Administration, who will make a final decision in coordination with the Executive Team.

Date Adopted

Monday, October 27, 2014

Date Last Reviewed

Friday, November 5, 2021