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Information Technology


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Fred Rankin

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Responsible Executive Authority

Vice President of Information Technology


This procedure describes the time-frame and steps needed to request acquisition and installation of software at Lane Community College.


Timeframe for Requests

  • Requests for new software approval may take up to one month.
  • All requests for lab/classroom approved software installations must be made by the fourth week of the term previous to the term of desired installation.
  • All other requests can be made as needed.

Requesting Installation of Software

Approved Software List

  • Please review the Approved Software list.
    • If the software is not on the list, proceed to the Request to Add Software section.
    • If the software is on the list, please note the licensing type.
      • If the licensing is a site license or freeware, you can immediately proceed to the Request to Install section.
      • If the licensing is any other type, proceed to the Request to Purchase section.

Request to Add Software

  • Complete the Request for New Software Approval Form.
  • Information Technology will:
    • review your request
    • determine if there is existing approved software that is comparable
      • if comparable software exists, I.T. will contact you to discuss options
    • verify licensing requirements, and
    • test the software to ensure compatibility with our existing systems
      • If necessary, I.T. will contact you to purchase a single copy for testing purposes
      • Depending on the nature of the software, and the intended destination, the testing procedure may include a test computer being made available. This allows isolated performance testing, by the usage experts, before the software is deployed.
  • If your requested software is approved, it will be added to the Approved Software list, and you will be notified via email.

Request to Purchase Software

Request to Install Software

  • Complete the Software Installation Request Form.
  • Information Technology will:
    • Verify that the requested software is on the approved software list
    • Verify that the licensing exists to accommodate your request
    • Verify that the software installation media is available
    • Schedule the installation
    • Install and test

Date Adopted

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Date Last Reviewed

Monday, March 27, 2023