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This procedure describes the process for creating a new classified position, or modifying an existing one.


All budgeted, classified positions are assigned to a job classification for salary level placement and bumping/recall purposes (see Employee Layoffs and Recall). Job classifications are used to group positions with similar skill requirements, mental and physical effort levels, working conditions, and job responsibilities and generally do not describe any one individual's specific job tasks (see Employee Job Descriptions).

If a new classified position is created, it is the supervisor's responsibility to complete a Classified Job Description Questionnaire (JDQ) describing the position's assigned responsibilities. The job classification and salary level placement will be assigned before the vacancy is released for advertisement (see Hiring Process). Copies of the job description questionnaire are available in Human Resources.

If an existing position is modified, either the supervisor or the employee can complete the job description questionnaire (JDQ) and initiate the reclassification process (see Reclassification of Classified Positions).

Salary levels for new and modified class descriptions are set according to processes outlined in the Classified Contract. A job description questionnaire must be received before this process can begin.

The official set of job classification descriptions is maintained in Human Resources. Another set is available in the college library. Copies of individual class descriptions and salary placement tables for all job classifications can be obtained in Human Resources. Questions about the job classification process should be referred to a Human Resources representative.


Budgeted Position - Contracted faculty, management and .50 FTE or greater classified positions that go through the position budgeting process and are approved by the board of education.

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Saturday, May 1, 1999

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Thursday, October 9, 2014