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This procedure outlines and describes the responsibilities of the department manager and Human Resources in a layoff situation, as well as the time frame and content of notification letters to affected employees.


A department administrator considering the elimination or partial reduction of a classified, faculty or management employee's budgeted position is responsible for insuring that the layoff decision is in compliance with the appropriate contract or working conditions document. Administrators are urged to consult with the appropriate vice president and Human Resources for assistance during the planning stages.

Layoff Letters

The department administrator is responsible for notifying Human Resources in writing of the decision to eliminate a budgeted position. The following information is needed at least 30 working days before the notification deadline specified in the appropriate working agreement:

  1. Reason for layoff (budgetary restriction, declining enrollments, reorganization, or restructuring, etc.);
  2. Effective date of position elimination or FTE reduction;
  3. Position number;
  4. Name of employee in position;
  5. Position FTE prior to layoff; and
  6. Position FTE after layoff.

Human Resources is responsible for preparing official layoff/FTE reduction letters according to the timelines outlined in the working agreement. Because employees may be eligible to "bump" less senior employees or transfer into vacant positions, the decision to eliminate a single budgeted position may affect several employees and/or departments. In all cases, the department and union will be provided copies of the official layoff/FTE reduction/transfer notices.


Human Resources is responsible for coordinating the "bumping," transfer and employee recall processes in accordance with provisions of the appropriate working agreement. Department administrators will be consulted about the qualifications of employees with "bumping," transfer or recall rights to employment within their departments. Human Resources is responsible for preparing all official "bumping", transfer and recall letters and all payroll action forms that result from the original layoff decision.

Transition Assistance

After the layoff/FTE reduction notices are sent, Human Resources is responsible for meeting with the affected employees and their supervisors to discuss the layoff and recall processes and to identify ways in which the college can provide transition assistance. The availability of outplacement assistance funding will be discussed at this meeting.

Date Adopted

Saturday, May 1, 1999

Date Last Reviewed

Thursday, October 9, 2014