The accounting team has the responsibility to aid in maintaining the accuracy and integrity of Lane's financial records. The department provides numerous internal and external financial services and reports.

Banner Access and Information 

Email approval for access needs to be sent from Department Manager to Associate Vice President of Finance & Accounting.

FOAP maintenance is done by Associate Vice President of Finance & Accounting

Deposit Transmittals

This form is used to submit cash and check deposits to LCC or LCC Foundation. In particular, deposits applying the rent split formula or those going to the LCC Foundation MUST use this form. The rental fee revenue is split 50% to the department renting the space/room, 25% to the General Fund for administrative costs, and 25% to Facilities Reinvestment Fund IV.

Please contact College Finance about submitting payments along with this form at this time for cash and checks. In-Kind donations must be submitted to the Foundation using the Foundation Gift-In-Kind Form. 

Intercampus Orders (ICO’s)

College Finance’s goal is to process ICO’s within 1-2 business days of receiving them in our office. If you have questions or do not see your ICO posted to Banner within one workweek, please contact Roberta Wong (

Requesting departments can do the following before submitting their ICO to ensure it processes smoothly and on time:

  • Ensuring there is adequate Budget Authority in the FOAP you enter on the form to cover the cost.
  • Attach the required documentation. A copy of a Pcard statement is not adequate. When you are “reclassing” an expense (that is, correcting the original FOAP charged to a different FOAP), you must include a copy of the Banner screen showing the FOAP where the original charge was made. Attaching supporting documents (e.g., Banner screenshots, emails, mock-up of documents to be printed).
  • Supplying departments should ensure the ICO process is concluded and sent to College Finance on time, in the same month the service was completed.
  • Ensure that the form has an appropriate Budget Authority approval(s).

Third Party Billings

This form is used by departments needing to bill outside parties such as vendors. Once completed send to College Finance who will send out a billing for the materials and/or services rendered.