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This procedure describes the responsibilities of the employee before, during and after a business trip, and the process by which reimbursement may be requested.



The college will reimburse an employee for out-of-pocket travel expenses incurred during approved business trips. Travel expenses include transportation, per diem, lodging, registration fees, and parking. Meals, personal expenses and tips related to meals are covered in the per diem allowance. The per diem rates used will be those established by the General Services Administration (GSA) for overnight travel. Lodging will be reimbursed up to the locality rate established by the JFTR plus applicable taxes. Travelers who are unable to secure lodging within the local limit may apply to their approving official for an exception to cover actual expense. Approval of such exceptions should be clearly annotated on the travel reimbursement form. Local travel reimbursements are limited to mileage and direct costs such as registration fees or public transportation.

The JFTR lists the daily per diem for 'Meals & Inc. Exp.' Travel day per diem is 75% of the regular rate (or a 25% deduction). The daily per diem must be reduced by 25% for each meal provided by an event (whether or not you avail yourself of the meal).

Any travel-related expenses pre-paid by employees (by cash or credit card) can be claimed as reimbursement at the conclusion of the trip, or included as a part of the travel advance. Travel advances are mailed on Wednesday of each week.

Board of Education members are reimbursed for travel and incidental expenditures under the same general policies as the staff.

See also Travel Authorization.

Mode of Travel

The employee must consider both economy and the best use of time when choosing a means of travel. Reimbursement is limited to the mode of travel which provides the least cost to the college. Transportation costs, paid staff travel time, and enroute meals and lodging are considered when determining least cost.

Note: If an employee uses a mode of travel (transportation, per diem, lodging, and paid staff travel time) with a higher cost to the college, reimbursement will be limited to the least cost mode of travel available to that destination, e.g., if a staff member elects to drive to Los Angeles for a seminar rather than fly, mileage and reimbursements for enroute expenses are limited to the coach air fare rate.

Mileage Reimbursement Rate for Use of Private Vehicles

The mileage reimbursement rate for employees using their private vehicles for college business will be the same as that established by the General Services Administration. Changes to the college mileage reimbursement rate will take effect with any GSA rate change.

Frequent Flyer Miles

Frequent Flyer Bonuses earned by employees traveling on college business are part of the employees benefit compensation package, and may be used by employees as they choose, unless the terms of a grant or sponsorship do not permit. Since Frequent Flyer Bonuses are now considered a form of compensation, any change in the current policy will be subject to negotiation with the appropriate union representatives.

Requesting a Travel Reimbursement

A Travel Reimbursement Form is used to request a reimbursement of monthly travel expense or a reimbursement of a specific trip or conference expense. Forms may be obtained from College Finance. Direct Deposit Form

Travel Advances

A travel advance may be requested by an employee who is planning to take a specific trip or attend a meeting authorized by the college. An advance payment may be requested if estimated out-of-pocket expenses are over $100 for any trip. An advance registration payment will be made if a completed registration form is submitted with the advance request and the registration box is completed.

Part 1 of the travel form is completed when requesting a travel advance. An employee will receive the advance payment by mailed check. If an advance check is desired, the approved request must be received in the Accounts Payable Area of College Finance by Monday before the Wednesday check runs.

Monthly Travel Expense Reimbursement

To authorize payment of out-of-pocket monthly travel expenses, the employee must complete the Travel Authorization Form. It is not necessary to complete the sections for estimated expenses and commercial travel and registration. After travel is completed, Travel Reimbursement Form is then filled out and receipts are attached. The complete form is then submitted for approval. This approval signifies that the reimbursement claim has been reviewed and the expenses indicated are reasonable and necessary. The form is then forwarded to the Accounts Payable Area of College Finance for payment. Reimbursements for monthly travel expenses may be submitted by the employee for each month, or for a quarter year, depending upon the trip frequency, expenses incurred, and the department's own rule on submitting travel reimbursement requests. Reimbursement requests at the end of the fiscal year must be received within the time period set by College Finance for year-end closing.

Specific Trip and Meeting Reimbursement

When requesting payment of out-of-pocket travel expense for a specific trip or meeting, the employee must complete the Travel Reimbursement Form within five working days after returning from the trip or meeting. Receipts are required for expenses over $75. The completed form is submitted for approval. This approval signifies that the reimbursement claim has been reviewed and the expenses indicated are reasonable and necessary. The form is then sent by the department to College Finance for processing and payment. Any expenses paid for with a college purchase card must also be shown on the reimbursement request.

One form is used for each specific trip or meeting.

Reimbursement Method

The Accounts Payable area will process the completed reimbursement request and prepare a check which will be mailed to the employee's home address. Checks are issued each Thursday. Direct Deposit is also available. (allow 2 weeks to process) Direct Deposit Form

Expense Reimbursement Requirements

Type of Expense Original Receipt Additional Amount / Description Required Requirements / Comments
Business Meals For Others Actual Yes Explanation required including names of participants and purpose of the meal
Lodging Actual Yes
Transportation Actual (over $75) Yes Taxi, bus, coach
Private Vehicle GSA Rate No
Parking Actual ($75 and under) No Receipt or copy of completed fees registration specifying the cost and any meals included in fees.
Registration Actual Yes

Note: Exceptions to the above rates will require the prior written approval by the vice president/president.

Part 1, Travel Request

  1. For all requests, insert:
    1. The name of department being charged for the travel and department telephone extension number;
    2. The employee name exactly as it appears on employee payroll;
    3. Employee L number; and
    4. The twenty-four digit FOAP number to be charged.
  2. For Conference or Trip, fill in appropriate information Date/Month of Expense, Conference Location, and Purpose.
    1. Complete Estimated Expenses--
    2. If an advance to the employee is requested, enter the amount.
    3. If a registration fee is to be paid by Lane, include a completed registration form and entire brochure for conference.
    4. Transportation - air travel arrangement must be made through the least expensive carrier.
    5. Have approval signed and forward to College Finance.
  3. For Monthly Travel and Monthly Expense Reimbursement, complete Date/Month of Expense, then proceed to Part 2, Expense Reconciliation.

Part 2, Expense Reconciliation

Use one line for each day and insert:

  1. The date
  2. Destination(s): indicate location as well as the city (i.e., Churchill Community Learning Center, Eugene; High School, Cottage Grove; etc.). Also use this space to provide a brief explanation of why the expense was incurred.
  3. Number of private auto miles allowed for reimbursement. Multiply the total miles by the reimbursement rate. Insert the dollar amount computed in the Mileage Expense block at bottom right of page.
  4. Lodging Costs. Enter each day's lodging and lodging-related taxes in the daily total column.
  5. Other Expenses. Enter in space provided or in Miscellaneous and label. Total the expenses and insert in space on right of form.
  6. Total Expenses. Total Per Diem and Lodging, Mileage, and Other Expenses. Employees are encouraged to look up and enter the appropriate Per Diem rate but college finance will provide that information if necessary.
  7. Less Advances (above). Enter advance paid to the employee prior to the trip.
  8. List any expenses charged to a college purchase card.
  9. Funds Returned. If the advance amount received is in excess of the Total Expenses, enter the difference in the Funds Returned to LCC block and attach a check for the amount to be returned and deliver to College Finance Accounts Payable Area.
  10. Reimbursement Due. If the advance received is less than the Total Expenses, enter the difference in the Reimbursement Due block. After receipt of documents by College Finance, checks will be written on the next Wednesday.
  11. Sign and date the form, and route to an approving authority. The approver should send directly to college finance upon approval.

Date Adopted

Saturday, May 1, 1999

Date Last Reviewed

Thursday, February 2, 2017