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The president and the administration may approve travel of employees within budgetary allocations. Travel may be approved for employees to:

  1. Transact district business;
  2. Attend educational and professional meetings;
  3. Attend meetings related to legislative matters important to the college; or
  4. Travel for student activities and/or with student groups.

Employee Travel Authorization Guidelines

General Authorization For Travel

  1. The employee's supervisor must preapprove all travel.
  2. The employee should attach to the form authorizing travel any available documentation that shows the purpose of the travel or event (e.g., conference programs).
  3. The employee and supervisor must be able to demonstrate that the travel is necessary and/or beneficial to the college. For all travel, employees must be able to explain how the trip benefits student learning.

Travel Authorization Form

In addition, for all travel (local, state, national), the employee and supervisor must be able to answer at least one of the following questions in the affirmative and present the rationale.

Professional Development Travel

Is the travel necessary/desirable for the employee's professional development? Will the college benefit because of this professional development?

Is the travel for the purpose of improving a skill deficiency or learning a new skill related to newly assigned job duties?

College Business Travel

Is the travel for local or statewide activities that impact the college?

Is the travel critical to fulfilling the essential functions of the employee's job?

Is the travel necessary for building partnerships within the community or state that will benefit the college?

National Travel Guidelines

National travel must fall within the criteria listed above. In addition, the supervisor must discuss with the employee the benefits of the travel to the college and to the individual's professional development. Any ongoing commitment necessitating travel at the regional or national level must be approved by the employee's supervisor before the commitment is made.

While there are no caps on the number of employees who may attend the same event, care should be taken to ensure that there is a defined need for more than one person to attend an event.

See also Travel/Expense Reimbursement.

Date Adopted

Tuesday, August 1, 2000

Date Last Reviewed

Monday, September 1, 2003