College Finance

College Finance


Welcome to the Lane Community College's College Finance website. More information on Audits / Financial Reports, Grant Compliance and accounting processes can be found here.

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About College Finance:

Our Purpose:

To competently steward college resources in support of our students, our staff and our community.

Principles that Guide Our Work:

We are guided by the core values of Lane Community College and the following principles:

  • We adhere to the highest legal and ethical public accounting and budgeting standards.
  • We support our students in achieving their educational goals.
  • We present clear and transparent documentation of the college’s financial position.
  • We provide training and communications to foster shared knowledge and understanding.
  • We provide timely and responsive service.
  • We collaborate to enhance innovation, efficiency and accuracy in services, processes and systems.
  • We support the core themes and strategic directions and priorities of the college.
  • We honor teamwork, inclusivity and professional development.
  • We are nationally recognized for the quality of our work.

Our Mission:

College Finance serves the financial needs of the college, its students, staff and departments while assuring that all transactions adhere to college policies and procedures, generally accepted accounting principles, and rules established by authoritative governing bodies.