Academic Technology Student Worker Fund

Academic Technology Student Worker Fund

Overview (Purpose Goals)

Created in 2013, with generous donations from LaneCC faculty and staff, the Academic Technology Student Worker Fund is intended to provide Emergency Assistance, Recognition, and Team Celebrations for the students who work in the ATC/SHeD.


Emergency Assistance Recognition Team Celebration
  • Tuition/Fees
  • Health care
  • Overdue payments/bills
  • Educational supplies
  • Treats & Snacks
  • Coffee
  • Badges
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • T-Shirts
  • End-of-year party
  • Farewell party
  • ATC/SHeD celebrations

Funding Sources

  • Gifts From Lane Employees: Some of the LaneCC faculty and staff who were assisted by our student workers have made generous contributions, or annual pledges, to the Student Worker Fund.
  • Schafer Innovation Awards: Each year we submit a nomination of an innovative project completed by our student workers. Any funds awarded are deposited to our Student Worker Fund.

How to Contribute

  • Visit the ATC to pick up a Foundation Employee Giving form, or

  • Contribute online by Credit Card (Designation: AT Student Workers Fund 4072)