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Safety Tips and Procedures

A safe learning and working environment

  • Maintain a safe learning and working environment
  • Improve practices and resources that secure property
  • Promote activities, practices and processes that encourage civil discourse and protect college communities from discrimination, harassment, threats, and harm

Lane Community College is committed to safety and provides college leaders with an online service for employee training. Lane pays for this service, SafeColleges, made available through the college's liability insurance carrier, PACE Insurance. Safety and security components of the SafeColleges software include modules as diverse as safe responses to active shooter incident, mandatory reporting guidelines for suspected child abuse situations and prevention and/or reporting of harassing and discriminatory behaviors.

Simply click the link provided above and type in your username and password to get started. Lane employees who have not previously used SafeColleges may establish a login for SafeColleges by using their L# and setting up a password.

The Safety Committee encourages managers and employees whose work is affected by high summer temperatures to drink lots of water to help stay cool and hydrated, take breaks when a work area is hot, and consider moving to other locations when the heat is too high. In July 2014, evening temperatures in lobby of building 5 reached over 100 degrees, making conditions extreme for working.

Information and Resources

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