Safety Committee Members

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  • Name: Dawn Barth
    Department: College Operations
    Represents: By Position
    Phone: 541-463-5503

  • Name: Amanda Blunt
    Department: Human Resources
    Represents: By Position

  • Name: Elaine Eiler-Mough
    Department: Downtown Center
    Represents: LCCEF
    Phone: 541-463-5906

  • Name: Jennifer Hayward
    Department: Facilities Management & Planning, Director
    Represents: Management
    Phone: 541-463-5594

  • Name: 
    Department: Vice President of Finance & Administration
    Represents: Management
    Phone: 541-463-5315

  • Name: Luis Maggiori
    Department: Institute for Sustainable Practices, Project Coordinator
    Represents: By Position
    Phone: 541-463-5884

  • Name: Grady O’Conner
    Department: Health & PE
    Represents: LCCEA
    Phone: 541-463-5550

  • Name: Marleena Pearson
    Department: Health Professions
    Represents: LCCEF
    Phone: 541-463-5619

  • Name: Carly Policha
    Department: Health Clinic
    Represents: LCCEA
    Phone: 541-463-5066

  • Name: Joe Bowles
    Department: Chemical Hygiene Officer
    Represents: By position

  • Name: Mark Richardson
    Department: Associate Director of Facilities Management and Planning
    Represents: By Position
    Phone: 541-463-3456

  • Name: Wendy Simmons
    Department: Health & PE, Employee Wellness Coordinator
    Represents: By Position
    Phone: 541-463-5551

  • Name: Shane Turner
    Department: Human Resources - Executive Director and Compliance Officer
    Represents: LCCEF
    Phone: 541-463-5115

  • Name: JennieLynn Scott
    Department: Facilities Management & Planning
    Represents: LCCEF
    Phone: 541-463-5578

  • Name: Lisa Rupp
    Department: Public Safety, Director
    Represents: By Position
    Phone: 541-463-5558