Spring Conference 2022

Spring Conference 2022

Spring Conference 2022Spring Conference is scheduled Friday, May 6. The annual employee event is an opportunity for our community to come together and learn how we can better support each other and students. Activities may be held both virtually and in-person. 

The goals of the conference are to build community and reconnect with each other and our mission here at LCC. Sessions and activities throughout the day will focus on professional and personal development related to supporting students and each other in our shared mission. 

Registration is required whether attending in-person or via Zoom. 

Spring Conference 2022 Schedule 

8:00-8:30 a.m. - LOBBY in Ragozzino Theater opens. Coffee and tea service only. (Titan Store and J&J Java will also be open during conference.)

8:30-8:45 a.m. - Welcome and Remarks by President Margaret Hamilton

8:45-8:55 a.m. - Remarks by Executive Vice President and Provost Paul Jarrell

8:55 - 10:30 a.m. - Keynote session: “Building Resiliency Together” - Mandie Pritchard, Mike Meyer and Megan Marshall

10:30 - 10:45 a.m. - BREAK 

10:45 - 11:45 a.m. - Panel discussion: "Ready or Not …How Our Pandemic Response Led to Innovation" - Moderated by Provost Jarrell 

11:45 - Noon - Five Minutes of Lane Part I

Noon - 1 - BREAK (Lunch served in Center building by Doug’s Place.)

1:00-1:15 p.m. - Five Minutes of Lane Part II

1:15 - 2:15 p.m. - Student panel discussion 

2:15-2:25 p.m. - Five Minutes of Lane Part III 

2:30 - 4:30 - Breakout sessions and On-demand CCPD sessions 

Morning Session 8:30 a.m. to Noon, Ragozzino Hall - Register now! 

The morning session will be held from 8:30 a.m. to noon in Ragozzino Hall and the morning sessions are also available via Zoom. Register for the morning session, which includes the keynote, panel discussion and first segment of Five Minutes of Lane.

  • Keynote Session: “Building Resiliency Together” - This session is designed to provide employees strategies to return to work and ways to build a culture of support as we all continue to manage transitions both in work and in our personal lives during the ongoing global pandemic. Presenters: Mandie Pritchard, Associate Dean of Center for Accessible Resources and Testing Services; and Mike Meyer and Megan Marshall, Mental Health and Wellness Center counselors Eligible for Cultural Competency Professional Development 
  • Panel Discussion: “Ready or Not ... How Our Pandemic Response Led to Innovation” - The pandemic created challenges and opportunities to innovate the way that we engage our students in their education. In this panel discussion, colleagues will share their “pandemic learning lessons” and about the initiatives, supports and changes created or amped up in response to students’ needs while we were remote. They’ll also discuss how we plan to move forward and build institutional resilience as we still grapple with an evolving educational landscape. Moderated by Provost Paul Jarrell and featuring panelists representative of Academic and Student Affairs.
  • Five Minutes of Lane: Departments share short updates about innovations and news.

Lunch Info and Break Activity 

  • 12:00-1:00 p.m. - Lunch service in Center, first floor at Doug's Place. Reservations are closed for lunch service provided by Doug's Place. Titan Store and J&J Java will also be opened during the conference.
  • 12:15 - 1:15 p.m. -Tennis, Everyone? Playing Table Tennis is good for your body, mind, and building connections. During the break there will be multiple tables available for open play for anyone wanting to exercise and make connections. Presenter: Alberto Redondo and LCC Table Tennis Club. Location: Center, second floor. No registration required.

Afternoon Session 1:00-2:15 p.m., Ragozzino Hall Register now! 

The afternoon session includes the second installment of Five Minutes of Lane and a student panel discussion in Ragozzino Hall and the session is also available via Zoom. Register for the afternoon session, which includes Five Minutes of Lane and the student panel. 

  • Five Minutes of Lane Part II: More department updates.
  • Student Panel Discussion: "Moving Forward as a Student-Ready College" - The pandemic tested our ability to be a student-ready college in meeting our students’ needs where they are. We responded with virtual supports and virtual classes and we know that it impacted the student experience, just as it did our own time during the pandemic. However, students faced their own challenges navigating their lives on and off campus during this time. Now, as we begin to make the transition to a fully operational campus, what can we learn from students’ experiences to improve our services and support and be more responsive as a student-ready college? In this session, students will share their experiences of learning and accessing services during the pandemic and this spring term and how it has impacted their educational journey at LCC. Moderator: Stacey Kiser Eligible for Cultural Competency Professional Development 
  • Five Minutes of Lane Part III: The final segment of department updates.

Afternoon Breakout Sessions - Registration for individual sessions below. 

Register for individual breakout sessions. In-person space is limited and you will be contacted if you've registered after the session has reached capacity. If attending in-person, please only register for the session(s) you plan to attend. To update your registration, click on the registration link to edit and change your selections or clear the form. 

30-minute sessions – 3:00 - 3:30 p.m. 

  • Make a Book Safe: Make a book safe by carving out the interior of the pages of a book, to hide secret things secretly on your bookshelf! Easy and fun, keep it for yourself or gift it to your favorite niece. Participants are encouraged to bring their own book and a utility knife. Some will be available. Space is limited and participants will receive a safety lesson and must sign a liability waiver to participate. Presenter: Alexandra Geddes. This session is offered in-person only and limited to 15 people. Location: Building 11, Room 124. Registration required.
  • What is the CTL and What Does it Do for Us? “Together, we embrace, advance, and celebrate a vibrant culture of teaching and learning in which faculty and partners grow professionally through collaboration, inquiry, scholarship, innovation, experimentation, and reflection. Engaging the collective expertise of Lane faculty and colleagues around the globe, our goal is to foster dynamic, inclusive and socially just educational experiences and environments.” - Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) Vision Statement. The CTL co-coordinators will provide information about the CTL's mission and services with the campus community. We hope that sharing what faculty do to create high-quality learning experiences will invite collaboration across all employee groups at LCC. Presenters: Aryn Bartley, Rachel Knighten, Kevin Steeves. Location: CEN 303 and Zoom. Registration required.

45-minute sessions – 2:30-3:15 p.m. and 3:45 -4:30 p.m 

  • 2:30 - 3:15 p.m
    • Organizing Your Work-life with GOOGLE: We've spent the last year exploring Google features - Sites and Calendar - as tools for organizing work. Google Sites and Google Calendar can be collaborative tools to streamline your department’s services to meet the individual needs of your clients and team. We'll give you a behind the scenes look at the successes (and one or two challenges) that we've experienced and give you step by step guidance on how to get more organized and even build some thinking/planning time into your days! Presenters: Alexandra Curtis and Danielle Cunningham, Network Specialists Location: CEN 219 and Zoom. Registration required. 
    • How Do We Get Help For Our Students? A Systems Approach: Do you have a concern for a student? Have they asked you for help? Do you know what to do when you become concerned for a student's health and safety? This presentation will address the ways in which employees and students can express concerns, ask for help, and why it's important to report and document in order to give a clear picture of a situation. We'll also discuss ways in which students or employees receive assistance. Presenters: Carl Yeh, Interim Dean of Student Engagement, Dr. Mindie Dieu, AVP Student Affairs. Location: CEN 427 and Zoom. Registration required. Eligible for Cultural Competency Professional Development 
    • Building a Culture of Support: In this panel discussion, two teams share ways they stayed connected while working remote and strategies for building a culture of support for colleagues as we make the transition back to campus. Participants will be invited to share their own strategies and lessons learned as they work to build and strengthen communications and engagement within their own teams. Presenters: Andi Graham, Desiree Woodruff, and Mandie Pritchard, CAR; and Leilani Perez, ESL. Location: TBD Registration required. (Registrants will receive update about session modality.)
  • 3:45 - 4:30 p.m.
    • Lane's DEI Recruitment Efforts - Now and Beyond: The Board of Education has a strategic goal to improve the recruitment and retention of diverse individuals. This will be a review and update of what changes have been made, programs that are being developed such as the Search Advocate, and what we are hoping to create in the near future. We will also want to receive feedback from folks that are in the interviewing room to better support all parties involved. Presenters: Amanda Blunt - Lead HR Project Analyst, Sharon Daniel - Talent Acquisition and Development Manager, Jill Deneault - Recruitment Analyst, Zack Roush - Recruitment Analyst. Location: Zoom only. Registration required.  Eligible for Cultural Competency Professional Development
    • Default Academic Plans at Lane Community College - Lane Community College has joined the national efforts to better support students to complete their academic goals through implementing initiatives that are embedded in the Guided Pathways model. One of those initiatives aim to collaboratively build default academic plans (DAPs) for 1-year certificates, 2-year AAS programs, and transfer majors. During the session, we would share information about the whys, hows, and specific examples of this collaborative work. Finally, we would share our experience about this process from the facilitator, faculty, and academic advising perspectives. Presenters: Claudia Owen-Earth and Environmental Science Instructor and Faculty Coordinator, Rick Glover-Earth and Environmental Science Instructor and Faculty Coordinator, Edgar Rosas Alquicira-Biology instructor and Guided Pathways and Ted Calcaterra-Academic Advisor. Location: Zoom only. Registration required.

60-minute sessions – 2:30 - 4:30 p.m. 

  • 2:30-3:30 p.m.
    • Safety & Survival 101: Stop the Bleed: Participants will gain the ability to recognize life-threatening bleeding and intervene effectively by learning how to use their hands to apply pressure to a wound, how to pack a wound to control bleeding, and how to correctly apply a tourniquet. Presenters: Officer Adrienne Park and Officer Curtis Oliver. In-person only. Location: Building 4, Room 105. Registration required. 
    • Early Momentum Metrics at Lane - Guided Pathways Data Dashboards Tour and Discussion: This session will be a tour and discussion of Lane's Guided Pathways Dashboards, which visualize Lane's Early Momentum Metrics (EMMs). EMMs are important because they are leading indicators of later student outcomes. Change in success rates on EMMs can be monitored at shorter intervals, such as quarterly or annually, to help us identify whether intended improvements in our processes and/or systems are likely to have subsequent positive impacts on lagging outcomes, such as completion or transfer. We hope to create conversation and questions around these metrics in a way that helps participants identify possible ways to improve student success. Presenters: Jennifer Frei, Cathy Thomas, Edgar Rosas Alquicira. Location: CEN 425 and Zoom. Registration required. 
    • Campus Sustainability Walking Tour: This session will be an employee engagement activity where we will walk and talk about the different physical sustainability features on campus and about the college's current and planned sustainability efforts. The tour will follow the same stop identified in the Sustainability virtual tour. Presenters: Luis Maggiori - Sustainability Coordinator, Arissa Saliba - Learning Garden Specialist, Mahdi Rikhtehgar - Recycling Specialist, Rick Glover - SME Division Faculty. In-person only. Location: Meet in front of main entrance of Building 30 (Health Professions building). Registration required.
    • Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion New Faculty Program (JEDI) Focus Group: Are you an underrepresented faculty member, an ally, or wish to be an ally? If you can answer yes to any of those questions you should consider attending the JEDI Focus Group Break Out Session. We are looking for a demographically diverse group to participate in a discussion about JEDI. Hopefully feedback will assist in strengthening program development. A brief introduction to the program’s mission, vision, objectives, roles, and events will be followed by an icebreaker, and some discussion questions: Who is considered an underrepresented faculty member? Do underrepresented faculty have what they need to succeed? Is a structure in place to support newly recruited faculty? Do you think previous program developers understand the distinct challenges that underrepresented faculty face? Are there transparent and clearly communicated expectations for becoming a permanent faculty member? Are you interested in becoming involved with JEDI? Presenter: Rosemarie Tillman, Ph.D., Communication Instructor, Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) New Faculty Program Coordinator. Location: CEN 416 and Zoom. Registration required. Eligible for Cultural Competency Professional Development 
    • Tea with the Foundation: Take some time to reconnect. Join us for an opportunity to enjoy good conversation, a relaxing cup of tea, and tasty treats with your LCC colleagues and your friends at the LCC Foundation. Come and go as you please anytime between 2:30-4:30 p.m. This is an open-house style event and is the kickoff of the Foundation's upcoming "Teatime Tuesday." Following the conference, we will be hosting a weekly tea on Tuesdays, from 1-3 pm. This will allow employees a regular space to connect while building relationships and community. Presenters: Wendy Jett, LCC Foundation Executive Director, Tiana Marrone, Development Director, Katie Gatlin, Annual Gifts Officer. In-person only. Location: Foundation Office, Building 19, Room 270. Registration required. 
  • 3:30-4:30 p.m.
    • Tea with the Foundation: Take some time to reconnect. Join us for an opportunity to enjoy good conversation, a relaxing cup of tea, and tasty treats with your LCC colleagues and your friends at the LCC Foundation. Come and go as you please. This is an open-house style event and is the kickoff of the Foundation's upcoming "Teatime Tuesday." Following the conference, we will be hosting a weekly tea on Tuesdays, from 1-3 pm. This will allow employees a regular space to connect while building relationships and community. Presenters: Wendy Jett, LCC Foundation Executive Director, Tiana Marrone, Development Director, Katie Gatlin, Annual Gifts Officer. In-person only. Location: Foundation Office, Building 19, Room 270. Registration required.
    • Practicing Self-Care: Six Daily Question: Based upon theories of positive psychology, participants will be introduced to six questions they can ask themselves each day to enhance their sense of well being. To deepen engagement with this daily practice, participants will then spend the remainder of the session crafting a simple mobile out of collage materials. The end product can be hung in one's home or office to reinforce the commitment to self-care. In-person only. Space is limited to 25. Presenter: Christina Salter. Location: Building 11, Room 123. Registration required.
    • IEC Update, Spring 2022: In the IEC Update, audience members will learn what the IEC is, what it does and who its members are along with recent accomplishments, what we're working on now, why this work matters to you, and how you can get involved. The IEC work involves campus-wide, mission-critical projects and initiatives, which makes it essential that we engage with and get feedback from a broad array of campus community members. In this session we will focus on our current work. Topics discussed will include the revision of our mission fulfillment indicators, the upcoming environmental scan and the institution-wide portfolio review. We hope to see you there to renew existing professional relationships and make new connections that will enhance institutional effectiveness and thus improve the student’s experience and success. Presenters: Tammie Stark, IEC Chair, Project Manager, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness; Mindie Dieu, Associate Vice President, Student Affairs; Patrick G. Blaine, Dean of Curriculum, Assessment, and Grants Development, Office of Curriculum and Assessment; Cathy Thomas, Institutional Researcher; and Gina Szabady, Writing & Literature Faculty. Location: Building 11, Room 127. Registration required. 
    • Understanding, Creating and Utilizing Holistic Student Supports: Holistic Student Supports (HSS) is a guided pathways initiative with the goal of individual departments creating holistic supports for students to engage and retain students. It is imperative that colleges are operating with an intentional student-centered design that allows for the maximization of limited resources in support of student success and equity. The most effective way to support students in getting on their path and staying on their path to academic and career success is through an HSS approach. Join us to discover how to evaluate and create HSS for your department. Presenters: Jane Reeder, Potentially: Justin Chin, Ellen Osterkamp, Jenn Kepka, Carl Yeh, and Rosa Lopez. Location: CEN 402. Registration required.  Eligible for Cultural Competency Professional Development 
    • Humanizing the First-Year Experience: A Conversation with the Guided Pathways First-Year Math & Writing Team: Members of the Math & Writing team will discuss our shared vision: humanizing the first year student experience. The team is focused on creating systemic conditions to decrease equity gaps and supporting students toward successful completion of program-level math and writing in their first year, so in our presentation we will provide an overview of our redesign ideas, discuss the areas we’ve been focusing on such as placement and embedded tutoring, and facilitate a discussion about the ways in which the work the team is doing intersects with needs across campus. Presenters: Ingrid Nordstrom, Writing Faculty and Stephen Selph, Math Faculty -- co-leads of Guided Pathways First Year Math & Writing Team. Location: *Changed to Zoom only on May 6 by presenter request. Registration required.  Eligible for Cultural Competency Professional Development

On-Demand Cultural Competency Professional Development 

The LCC Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion provided this listing of on-demand sessions for employees interested in CCPD-specific sessions during the conference. Employees will need to submit a CCPD SoftDocs form to receive CCPD credit for any of the sessions below. 

Spring Conference Questions

Have questions about Spring Conference? Email Marsha Sills, sillsm@lanecc.edu