Management Professional Development Committee

Management Professional Development Committee (MPDC)

Management Professional Development Funding Request
Conferences, Workshops, Short-Term Training

Please use this application for conferences, workshops and short-term training, as described in the Management Employees Working Conditions, Section 6.4.3.

In submitting this application, you certify that you have obtained the approval of your supervisor. The maximum annual allocation per manager for these requests is $2000. There is a limited amount of funding each academic year, so there is not a guarantee that all requests will be funded. Managers should secure funding for amounts in excess of $2000 from other sources, and list those on the MPD funding request form.

Fill in the required information on the form below and submit completed form via email to the Management Professional Development Committee (MPDC): Submitted requests will be reviewed on the 15th of each month and a response will be delivered within a week. If your application for funding is approved, and your plans change or you are unable to complete the activity, please notify MPDC as soon as possible so those funds can be reallocated.

Reimbursement Procedures: There are only two ways to cover conference expenses and then be reimbursed by MPDC funds. After being approved for MPDC funds:

1. Use your department purchasing card (p-card) to cover all, or some, of your expenses; or

2. Personally pay for all, or some, of your own expenses.

The Reimbursement Request Form details the instructions for getting reimbursed. Please follow those instructions carefully, and submit the completed and signed form with ALL required forms and receipts to MPDC chair within one to two months of returning from an event.

For more information, contact Sharon Daniel, MPDC Chair at x5190.