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This procedure describes the process by which all changes in an employee's pay rate or employment status must be documented and authorized by the management supervisor on the appropriate payroll form or document. The manager's signature must appear on the payroll form or document to certify management review and approval.


Personnel Action Form

The Personnel Action Form (PAF) linked in the Human Resources Forms library is the primary form used to document changes in pay and employment status for all categories of employees, except part-time credit instructors. (See Part-time Credit Faculty Statement of Appointment, below, for more information about the use of this specialized form.) As shown on the Personnel Action Chart, additional paperwork may be required before the PAF can be processed by Human Resources.

Part-Time Credit Faculty Statement of Appointment

The Part-Time Credit Faculty Statement of Appointment (PTSOA) is used to document changes in pay and employment status for all part-time credit instructors. Because part-time credit instructors are hired on a term-by-term basis, a new PTSOA must be initiated at the beginning of each term in which the instructor is employed.

Processing the Personnel Action form/Part-time Statement of Appointment

After the completed PAF or PTSOA is received in Human Resources with all the signatures and attachments indicated on the signature chart, it is processed, then placed in the employee's official personnel file (see Personnel Files). The pink and yellow copies are returned to the department if the department has not already removed these copies. The department is responsible for providing a copy of the form to the employee.

Date Adopted

Saturday, May 1, 1999

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Thursday, October 9, 2014