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The purpose of this procedure to describe who can access, add to, delete from, or copy information in, the official College personnel files that are maintained by Human Resources. Personnel files contain only those items that are germane to an employee's career at the college.


The official Lane Community College personnel files are maintained by Human Resources. Personnel files contain only those items that are germane to an employee's career at the college. This includes routine personnel and payroll data and confidential references received prior to employment.

Adding Items to the Personnel File

Items to be added to the personnel file by the supervisor, another college official or the employee should be clearly marked for this purpose and submitted to Human Resources. Inclusion of negative material is governed by the appropriate bargaining unit contract which provide guidelines for notification to employees when negative material is added to the personnel file.

Removing Items from the File

An employee may submit a written request to the director of Human Resources to have negative material removed from their personnel file. The request will be reviewed with the appropriate administrator to determine if removal is appropriate. Generally, negative material that has been in the file for 12 months without follow up can be removed.

Personnel files are inventoried periodically for duplicates and non-conforming items. These are removed and returned directly to the employee or department concerned. If an employee or department administrator considers any returned documents to be germane to the employee's career, they should be returned to the director of Human Resources.

Access to Personnel Files

Access to personnel files is strictly limited to the Human Resources staff, the employee, the employee's designated representative, the employee's supervisor, and individuals deemed by the director of Human Resources to have proper need for access under the Oregon Public Records Law (Oregon Revised Statutes 192.501-502) and other governing legislation. Access will be provided to an employee representative when the representative is accompanied by the employee or when the representative is in possession of a written release, signed and dated by the employee.

Copying Documents in the Personnel File

Copies can be made for individuals who meet file access requirements. Generally, copies will be provided to departments to conduct college business without cost except when the number of copies required or the time involved in copying is excessive.  Copies provided to others who meet file access requirements will be subject to a copying fee based on the cost of time and materials used to produce the copies.

Date Adopted

Saturday, May 1, 1999

Date Last Reviewed

Thursday, October 9, 2014