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This procedure describes the responsibilities of drivers of College-owned vehicles, privately-owned vehicles, or rental vehicles when conducting College business. Accidents which occur while driving on College business should be promptly reported to Risk Management at 541-463-5503.


College-Owned Vehicles

All Lane vehicles are covered by insurance. See also Vehicle Licensing and Insurance. Information on the college's insurance is in the glove compartment of every Lane vehicle.

The college does not rent Lane vehicles to other individuals, companies or agencies, because it would be a high liability risk to the college and the insurance carrier.

When a department purchases a vehicle, the following information needs to be submitted to the Office of Emergency and Risk Management as soon as possible for insurance purposes:

  • Year;
  • Make;
  • Model;
  • Vehicle Identification Number;
  • Value; and
  • E-Plate Number.

An insurance identification card will then be sent to the department. This identification card is to be kept in the vehicle at all times. New identification cards are issued at the beginning of each fiscal year. All new vehicles must be licensed with an E-plate and identified with the LCC logo. See Vehicle Identification for more information.

In case of an accident while using a Lane vehicle, the incident should be reported immediately to the Risk Management Office, 541-463-5503. Drivers are also expected to follow Oregon laws and submit accident forms as required.

Privately-Owned Vehicles (Employees)

Lane provides additional liability coverage on privately-owned vehicles while the vehicle is being used for approved college business. Side trips for pleasure or personal business are not covered by college insurance. All coverage is only in excess of owner's existing coverage, which must equal minimum state-mandated levels.

If an accident occurs, the incident should be reported immediately to the Risk Management Office, 541-463-5503.

Rental Vehicles

Lane staff should use airport shuttles and other less expensive modes of transportation when available. However, should a vehicle be required or be more cost effective due to the number of staff involved or the location of the hotel or conference, it is not necessary to purchase vehicle insurance. 

If a vehicle accident occurs, the Risk Management Office should be contacted as soon as possible at 541-463-5503.

Date Adopted

Thursday, February 1, 2001

Date Last Reviewed

Monday, August 31, 2015