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This procedure describes the process for requesting non-instructional use of Lane’s Main Campus and Mary Spilde Downtown Center facilities.



Lane strives to maximize utilization of its facilities (see Facilities: Community Use). Non-instructional use of the college’s Main Campus classrooms, conference rooms, and other facilities by college employees and by community groups is coordinated by Lane’s Events Scheduler to ensure orderly and optimal use of these facilities. The Events Scheduler also provides guidance and support for scheduling in Lane’s Mary Spilde Downtown Center. 

Classrooms are available on a term-by-term basis after the academic class schedule for the term is assigned. Lane’s academic classes have priority for room use and events may be moved based on class needs.

Procedure for Scheduling 

Lane staff can use the web-based room requesting (i.e., event scheduling) system in 25Live to request use of a room. Community members seeking to use Lane facilities for meetings/events should contact Lane’s Events Scheduler. Lane staff who have questions about or need assistance using the web-based room requesting system in 25Live also are encouraged to contact the Events Scheduler.

Special Requirements 

A "hold harmless" agreement may be required of any non-college groups that use college facilities if the nature of the event or activity may be potentially hazardous to others, to the participants or to the facilities. A "hold harmless" agreement means that users agree to indemnify the college against any loss or damage and agree to hold the college harmless for incidents or accidents that may occur on the premises.

Rental rates and regulations on the use of Lane facilities are designed to partially or fully recoup the college’s normal cost of facilities upkeep. For a list of fees and eligible users go to Facilities: Fees. A certificate of insurance coverage may also be required by the college of groups renting facilities or grounds.

Date Adopted

Saturday, May 1, 1999

Date Last Reviewed

Tuesday, December 1, 2015