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This procedure describes the guidelines and fees for community use of college facilities. The college also recognizes its responsibilities to serve the community in other ways and, therefore, will make buildings and facilities available for community use, providing such use is not in conflict with the needs of the educational programs. (See Facilities: Community Use).



Fees for facilities use are assessed under the following guidelines.

  1. Institutions or groups providing service for Lane Community College students or employees, and tax or public supported nonprofit institutions and organizations, will not be charged a fee for that activity unless the administration feels that additional expenses are involved.
  2. Other nonprofit organizations may use college facilities with the prior approval of the president or designee. These organizations will be charged facility fees, fees for additional costs incurred and, if applicable, a percentage of the gross of money-raising projects. Non-profit organizations are not charged a facility fee for use of a classroom space if their activity is free to attendees.
  3. For-profit organizations, other than college organizations or groups engaged in money-making projects, will be charged applicable fees plus 10 percent of the gross income taken in by the project.

Religious Worship or Sectarian Instruction

Any outside group using college facilities for the activity of religious worship or sectarian instruction is classified within group #2 above and will be charged the facility fee in addition to other charges. Religious worship or sectarian instruction is described as follows.

  1. "Religious Worship" refers to the act of paying homage, displaying reverence, paying divine honors to a deity; or treating with reverence due to merit and worth; respect, honor or revering with extreme respect and veneration. If an assembly or persons gather together and precepts of religion are taught, the assembly is worshiping and the occasion is one for religious worship.
  2. "Sectarian Instruction" refers to instruction in religious doctrines only, which are adopted by some religious sects and reflected by others. Instruction is sectarian when it involves doctrine or dogma in which the religious sects are in conflict.

This section does not apply to recognized student religious groups or to outside religious organizations sponsored by student government.

Fees for Main Campus Spaces.

2022 Space Rental Fees. (.xls file)

Please contact Brent Ellison at 541-463-5576 with any questions.

Lane Community College at Florence

Rental rates for campus facilities also apply to LCC at Florence. Requests for the use of any of these facilities should be directed to the director of LCC at Florence, 3149 Oak Street, Florence, Oregon 97439 voice: 541-997-8444 (541) 463-4806, fax: 541-997-8448.

Mary Spilde Downtown Center

Rental rates for campus facilities also apply to the Mary Spilde Downtown Center.

Other Areas

Fees for other areas such as parking lots will be established according to the extent of usage. The Public Safety Manager may establish additional requirements for facilitating use by non-college groups. These may include certificates of insurance, provision of restroom facilities, Public Safety staff, or a damage deposit.

Audiovisual Services

It is the policy of Instructional Technology Support Services to provide audiovisual equipment on a rental basis to outside organizations renting Lane facilities.


Prices quoted as hourly rates will vary according to pay scale placement.

Energy Costs

If the function occurs outside of the regularly scheduled class periods, electrical energy costs may also be charged for the provision of heating and ventilation.

See also Facilities: Community Use.

Date Adopted

Saturday, May 1, 1999

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Monday, March 2, 2020