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This procedure describes appropriate action to take for various levels of medical emergency.


For all MEDICAL emergencies call 541-463-5555.

First Aid

Minor Injuries

  1. The injured person may self-administer first aid, using available first-aid kits that are centrally located in all college buildings.
  2. If the injured person is an eligible student they may go to the Health Clinic if it is open.

Moderate Injuries

  1. First Aid may be administered by a qualified trained employee and the person referred to a private provider such as an urgent care clinic or a primary care provider. If the person is an eligible student, they may be referred to the Health Clinic if the Health Clinic is open.
  2. Public Safety may be called at 541-463-5555 and asked to assist the person at the scene of the injury.

Severe Injuries/Illnesses

  1. Call Public Safety at (541) 463-5555. This is an emergency-only line. State nature of injury/illness, location of patient and if an ambulance seems indicated.
  2. CPR, if indicated, should be started by any trained bystander until relieved by Public Safety.

Calling 911

College policy does not prohibit an individual from calling 911 if, in their opinion, that level of response is indicated.

However, with rare exceptions, appropriate life saving care can be provided more quickly by using the college emergency response system and initially calling 541-463-5555.

Using this system allows trained, on campus, staff to respond with defibrillators faster than 911 can respond, provides for a smooth flow of information between the college and the 911 system, provides escort service to assist emergency response vehicles in locating the emergency on campus, and prevents un-needed activation of the 911 response system.

Follow up

All accidents are to be reported by the supervisor of the area in which the accident occurred within twenty-four hours. For more information, or to get a report form, see Accident Reporting.

Date Adopted

Saturday, May 1, 1999

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Wednesday, February 23, 2022